Angel Memo Heredia Hernandez, an anti-dope consultant, predicts “hard punishment” for Ryan Garcia by the New York State Athletic Commission this Friday when they meet to discuss his positive PED test for Oscarine from last April when he defeated Devin Haney in New York.

Memo and Haney’s Predictions

“Ryan’s punishment coming extremely hard, you will see on Friday,” said Memo Heredia on X, predicting harsh punishment for Ryan Garcia from the New York State Athletic Commission when they meet to decide his case for his positive PED test from last April.

Memo’s prediction of a hard punishment from Ryan mirrors what Haney predicts, with him hinting that he’ll receive a two-year suspension. It’s unclear if Memo and Haney have inside information about what the New York Commission will decide.

Given Ryan’s popularity and superstar status and the fact that this is his first offense, a short suspension is likely. That might not make Haney (31-1, 15 KOs) and his supporters happy, as they seem to want Ryan to be given the longest ban possible due to what he did to the previously unbeaten WBC light welterweight champion.

This likely won’t dent Ryan’s career, and he’ll keep moving forward with bigger fights. Unfortunately for Haney, his career appears to be nosediving from the loss, and he finished soon as a marquee fighter.

The public won’t forget how bad Haney looked getting batted around the ring by Ryan and clinching nonstop without being warned or penalized from rounds seven through twelve.

Haney was exposed by Ryan, getting dropped repeatedly in the seventh, but the referee arguably saved him by giving Garcia a timely point deduction. That time that the referee took in taking the point off proved valuable to Haney, as he recovered enough to survive the round.

Oscar De La Hoya’s Comments

“Ryan Garcia told me he can’t make 140. So, he would want to fight at 143 or 144. If anybody wants to fight him, call me at 144, and we’ll make the fight happen,” said promoter Oscar De La Hoya to Fino Boxing.

Ryan has the superstar status to create his own weight class at 143 and 144 for his fights, which is similar to how Canelo Alvarez did catchweights earlier in his career.

If Haney wants a rematch with Ryan in the future, it’ll have to be above 140 because he’s not going to melt down to 140 to fight for his WBC light welterweight strap. Ryan has already said that belts don’t matter to him. He just wants to make the biggest fights, and titles are not important.

“I have to sit down with Ryan, sit down with his team, figure out a plan, and then we’ll go from there. Ryan is mentioning everybody. He’s mentioning Pitbull [Cruz], he’s mentioning Tank, he’s mentioning O’Mally. He’s mentioning Errol Spence. He’s mentioning everybody,” said De La Hoya.

Isaac ‘Pitbull’ Cruz would be an excellent option for Ryan Garcia to fight when he returns to the ring. Cruz has an entertaining fighting style and doesn’t clinch a lot like Haney. A fight between him and Ryan would be huge, bringing in a lot of PPV buys.

“That’s the beauty of Ryan. Now, we have to believe him. We can’t be scratching our heads anymore with Ryan and saying, ‘Is he going to get in the ring? Is he going to fight? Is he ready? No. Ryan is the perfect marketer for himself. He’s great for boxing. We need more Ryan Garcias. Anything is possible. If Pitbull can come up to 143 or 144, the fight will be made. It’s as easy as that.”

Ryan can pick and choose whoever he wants to fight, and he will succeed when he returns to action.

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