Conor Benn has warned Peter Dobson that he’s bringing ‘sheer violence’ to their clash at The Chelsea at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas on Saturday February 3, live worldwide on DAZN. Benn and Dobson will step through the ropes at approximately 2.30pm PT/10.30pm UK, with the first bell on the day at 11am PT/7pm UK

Benn (22-0 14 KOs) is back in action in his second straight fight in the States after he returned from a 17-month absence in Orlando in September with a ten-round points win over Rodolfo Orozco. ‘The Destroyer’ is polishing off his preparation at the Matchroom Churchill Gym in Santa Monica alongside George Liddard and Jimmy Sains, who are on his undercard, as well as John Ryder, who meets Jaime Munguia in Phoenix on January 27 live on DAZN.

Dobson (16-0 9 KOs) has warned the Essex man that he’ll ruin his plans to face the elite at 147lbs and derail his World title dreams, but as Benn ticks a massive box in his career by topping the bill in Sin City,

“I never thought I would fight in Las Vegas, let alone headline, so it’s nothing but a blessing,” said Benn. “I’ve got a lot of supporters in America, and I know that people will be traveling over to see me. I sit back and count my blessings, England is my home, and I can’t wait for the homecoming, but at the same time I am embracing every step of this journey. It’s all part of the story and I am excited about what is to come.

“I’m going to make an example of him. He can do the talking. Talk as much as you want, the outcome will be the same. Delusion is one hell of a thing and there’s a fine line between delusion and confidence. I know what I am bringing in and that’s sheer violence, sheer brutality, sheer spite. Whatever he does, I do better, and I am going in there to handle business and deal with him in serious fashion.

“It’s exciting to have four Essex boys going to Vegas with George, Jimmy and Johnny Fisher and his ‘Bosh Army’. I don’t think that been done before and it shows the opportunities that have presented themselves throughout this process. First Orlando and now fighting in Sin City, it’s great to fight in the States and get my name out there over there.

“Obviously, I’m not my dad. It’s evident to see. I am Conor Benn, that’s that. What he’s said is nothing I haven’t heard before, if he wants to talk that talk, fair play. Talk is cheap, I take no notice of it but when I get in the ring, I express every bit of feeling I have in me. So, he can keep talking, it’ll just make me want to end the fight early. I’m going in there to dismantle him and remind everyone who’s who and what’s what.

“I’m coming for it early and when I see an opportunity, I take it, that’s who I am. I take the shots I see, I don’t pull back, I don’t pitter-patter, I’m going in there to iron him out, that’s who I am, and I can’t help it. If I see one split-second of pain or weakness, I make sure he knows I’ve seen it.

“I don’t watch my opponents, I leave that to Tony, I am confident in what I do and my ability. So, I don’t know much about Peter, but I know that I am one hell of a fighter, I’m powerful, extremely determined and full of grit. I punch like a horse’s kick, so good luck to him.”

Benn’s clash with Dobson tops the bill in Las Vegas, where the co-main event pits two exciting and unbeaten Middleweights against each other in the shape of Houston’s Austin ‘Ammo’ Williams (15-0 10 KOs) against Florida-based Irishman Connor Coyle (20-0 9 KOs) for the for the WBA International and IBF North American titles.

It’s a Brit-heavy card with Benn’s Tony Sims-trained stable mates Liddard and Sains – who faces Andrew Buchanan (3-0-1 2 KOs) and Ahmed Swedy (5-2 2 KOs) respectively, and popular unbeaten Heavyweight Fisher (10-0 9 KOs) offers a first overseas away day for his loyal ‘Bull Army’ and takes on Ukraine’s Dmytro Bezus (10-1 5 KOs) over ten rounds, while Light-Heayvweight talent Khalil Coe (7-0-1 5KOs) enjoyed a fruitful 2023 takes on Mexican KO artist Gerardo Osuna (20-0 18 KOs) over eight rounds.

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Conor Benn – competes against Peter Dobson in a 12-round welterweight fight

Dobson steps into the ring out of necessity, whereas my passion for boxing drives me. Had he been in my position, fighting wouldn’t be his choice. My entire existence revolves around boxing, and no amount of his online provocation can change that. Let him continue; his nervousness only fuels my resolve. This Saturday, he’ll understand the true meaning of challenge.

I’m prepared to confront him head-on, right from the start. A direct confrontation suits me fine; his trepidation only heightens as I speak more of my intent to secure a knockout. Despite my affluent background, I’m determined to demonstrate my prowess in the ring.

My track record validates my every claim. With absolute certainty and devoid of any apprehension, I step into the ring fueled by sheer excitement for the sport. My accomplishments aren’t mere words; they’re backed by a solid record that underscores my ability to rise to the occasion time and again. This Saturday will be no exception; his dismissive remarks will only be met with a performance that silences critics and underscores my legitimacy in the sport.

Every fight to me is as critical as a World title bout, embodying my dedication and commitment to the sport. This Saturday will reveal the consequences of his lack of discipline.

Peter Dobson – faces Conor Benn in a 12-round welterweight battle

My readiness for this fight is unwavering. Since our first meeting, I’ve asserted my status among the world’s elite fighters, eagerly accepting every challenge presented. In just two days, I’ll validate my claims. Benn’s naivety in predicting an early victory only highlights his inexperience. Despite the higher profile of his previous opponents, none surpass my skill level. My career has been marked by consistent underestimation, a trend that ends now.

This moment feels like a culmination of destiny, an opportunity divinely orchestrated for me to showcase my long-overdue arrival on this stage. Unlike Benn, whose path was smoothed by his father’s legacy, my journey through boxing has been a testament to resilience and perseverance. Our paths diverge, but in the ring, our backgrounds are irrelevant; only our skills will determine the superior fighter.

Benn’s aggressive strategy could very well be his downfall. My background and relentless training regimen have prepared me for this moment. Benn will confront not just an opponent, but the embodiment of my struggles and sacrifices in the sport.

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What time is Benn vs Dobson?

A: .The event kicks off at 8 pm if you’re on UK turf, or 3 pm for the US crowd. Watch live on DAZN.  As for the main event stroll to the ring? Aim your clocks for about 10 pm UK style, or 5 pm if you’re stateside. But remember, the undercard scuffles might stretch or squeeze these timings.

Q: Can I catch Benn vs. Dobson on DAZN? A: Absolutely! DAZN’s got you covered in over 200 countries, streaming the clash live. Just hop over here to grab a subscription.

Q: What gadgets play nice with DAZN? A: DAZN’s pretty much everywhere – from your Apple TV, all sorts of smart TVs, to your pocket-sized smartphones and tablets. Even your gaming consoles are in on the action. If you’re curious about the full arsenal of devices, here’s the rundown:

  • Mobile Warfare: iPhones, iPads, Android phones, and tablets, plus Amazon’s Fire tablet battalion.
  • Home Base: Amazon Fire TV Stick, Android TV, Apple TV, and the whole smart TV brigade including LG, Panasonic, Samsung, and Sony.
  • Console Commanders: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and the Xbox Series X|S.

Q: Where’s the battleground for Benn vs. Dobson? A: The brawl unfolds at The Chelsea within the glitzy realms of the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, Nevada. Expect neon lights and high stakes.

Q: What’s the tale of the tape for these fighters? A: Conor Benn, hailing from Britain, stands tall at 5’8″ with a reach of 68 inches. Undefeated in 22 bouts, with 14 KOs under his belt. On the flip side, Peter Dobson waves the American flag, standing a bit loftier at 5’10”. His record? Also unblemished over 16 fights, with 9 KOs to boast.

Weights & Runnning Order

Live on Before the Bell from 11am PT

4 x 3 mins Middleweight contest
Jimmy Sains (165.4lbs) vs. Alejandro Avalos (161.6lbs)
Essex, England San Antonio, Texas

Followed by

6 x 3 mins Middleweight contest
George Liddard (162.4lbs) vs. Andrew Buchanan (164.4lbs)
Essex, England Hesperia, California

Live on DAZN from 12pm PT

8 x 3 mins Light-Heavyweight contest
Khalil Coe (175.8lbs) vs. Gerardo Osuna (175.2lbs)
Jersey City, New Jersey Baja California, Mexico

Followed by

8 x 3 mins Heavyweight contest
Johnny Fisher (242.8lbs) vs. Dmytro Bezus (270lbs)
Romford, England Severodonetsk, Ukraine

Followed by

10 x 3 mins WBA International Middleweight title
Austin Williams (159.8lbs) vs. Armel Mbumba-Yassa (159.8lbs)
Houston, Texas Leverkusen, Germany

Followed by

12 x 3 mins Welterweight contest
Conor Benn (150.6lbs) vs. Peter Dobson (150.6lbs)
Essex, England Bronx, New York

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