Edgar Berlanga wants Canelo Alvarez next following his sixth round knockout win over Padraig McCrory tonight in their super middleweight contest in the main event on DAZN at the Caribe Royale in Orlando, Florida.

Berlanga (22-0, 16 KOs) says he’s a more popular fighter than the other guys at 168, and he feels that a match between him and undisputed super middleweight champion Canelo would be huge due to it being Puerto Rico vs. Mexico.

The Eddie Hearn-promoted Berlanga points out that Canelo doesn’t have an opponent for his May 4th fight date, and he’s ready to step in and face him.

The Confidence Factor

“I feel like going the distance in those five fights, it gave me so much experience,’ said Edgar Berlanga at the post-fight press conference tonight after his sixth-round knockout win over Padraig McCrory.

“I feel that if I go with the big dogs, Munguia or Canelo, and I go 12 rounds, I know what it feels like to go in those later rounds. I’m glad I got the victory, but the war isn’t over. I still got a lot to prove and more to work on.”

If Canelo is going to choose Berlanga, he’ll need to do it soon because there’s not a lot of time to promote the match if it’s going to be shown on Amazon Prime PPV. Al Haymon of PBC might not be too pleased with the idea of Canelo facing Berlanga, as he’s with Matchroom Boxing and fights on DAZN. Canelo still has two fights left on his three-fight contract with PBC.

The Puerto Rico vs. Mexico Angle

“I’m obviously coming off a big victory. It’s Puerto Rico vs. Mexico,” said Berlanga when asked what he brings for a fight against Canelo Alvarez. “I feel like it’s the biggest fight. Yeah, I don’t have a belt.”

Will fans be eager to purchase a fight between Canelo and Berlanga on PPV? It might not interest fans outside of the New York area, and that could be a problem. Berland is seen as a hype job throughout the U.S., and he can’t just count on his small fanbase in New York to make a fight between him and Canelo a PPV success.

“I’m just a lot bigger than these guys at 168 as far as my status [popularity]. I’m big. I’m him. So, I feel right now that’s the fight that’s the fight to happen. I know he’s struggling looking for opponents, and I feel I’m right there for him.

“I feel like I could take over the 168-lb division. It’s Puerto Rico vs. Mexico. That’s the biggest rivalry in boxing,” said Berlanga.

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