Bill Haney gave Ryan Garcia a gift at their final press conference | DAZN

Bill Haney gave Ryan Garcia a gift at their final press conference.

Bill Haney says he and Devin aren’t buying into Ryan Garcia’s act ahead of Saturday’s DAZN PPV main event, and presented his son’s rival with a gift at today’s final press conference.

“Ryan Garcia has fooled the people,” Bill Haney began. “He’s fooled the people into thinking that he’s something other than a great fighter. We’ve been in the ring with him six times, 3-3 in the amateurs, and I’ve seen his work ethic as a pro.

“I’ve seen his antics outside the ring. And while he’s continued to make you guys think that he’s something, that he might be crazy or delusional, (like) we gave Kambosos The Art of War, because I’m sure that’s what he was reading, I have a book for Ryan Garcia today. Psychology for Dummies.”

Garcia tossed the book away, and the elder Haney didn’t miss a beat.

“That’s what Kambosos did, and you saw what happened to him,” he said. “All this game that he thought he was playing on the people, I don’t know if he thought he was playing it on you guys, but it didn’t work on me and Devin.”

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