Richard Torrez Jr. will step up when he faces Brandon Moore this Saturday, but one fighter who feels that he knows how the fight will play out is Torrez’s sparring partner, Jett Blackwell. 

While Torrez-Moore will do battle Saturday in San Diego, Blackwell, 22, has a four-round heavyweight fight in Redwood City, Calif., as a part of a card promoted by Westside Promotions. 

Blackwell (3-0), who holds an amateur record of 55-15, knows both fighters from the unpaid ranks. Blackwell has spent time sparring with Torrez Jr. in the build-up to the fight and gave his thoughts. 

“People always tell me Richard this or Richard that, but they don’t know – Richard is the real deal,” explained Blackwell. “It doesn’t matter how tall he is [Torrez is 6ft 2ins], he has knocked dudes who are 7ft tall. People don’t realize that he punches harder than those dudes.”

Blackwell insists that Torrez doesn’t get tired and his power doesn’t fade. 

“I think Richard is going to stop this guy in the later rounds,” furthered Blackwell. “I think he is going to take him into the seventh or eighth round and then knock him out.”

Blackwell has sparred the likes of Mike Tyson, Tony Yoka, and Frank Sanchez, but says Torrez Jr is the best fighter he has sparred to date.

“Richard is the best I have ever been in there with,” stated Blackwell. “He is fast – and he throws a lot of punches. He is just elite, he is like a machine. He has so much speed and power, and he doesn’t get tired.”

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