At Barclays Center, Brooklyn, New York, Saturday over DAZN, before 19,000 in attendance co-promoters Oscar De La Hoya (Golden Boy Promotions) and Eddie Hearn (Matchroom Boxing) WBC World Super Lightweight champion Devin Haney lost by majority decision to former interim WBC Lightweight champion Ryan Garcia who came in overweight and couldn’t win the title. Three knockdowns proved to be the difference. The fight didn’t live up to the hype. In the co-Main Event WBO Inter-Continental Super Lightweight champion Arnold Barboza, Jr. won a highly disputed split decision over WBO Euro champion Shawn McComb.

In the Main Event WBC World Super Light champ Devin Haney, 31-1 (15), #140, of Las Vegas, NV, lost by majority decision to Ryan Garcia, 25-1 (20), #143.2, of Victorville, CA, over 12 rounds.

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In the first round Garcia came right out and countered a Haney jab with a left hook on the chin almost dropping Haney. He let Haney off the hook after a minute. Haney did more hitting the second part of the round. In the second round what punches landed were by Haney. Primarily a right on the chin with Garcia trying to land a counter that failed.

In the third fortunately a strong Referee Harvey Dock was working to break the numerous clinches. Garcia has done nothing since the first round and Haney forces the clinches.

In the fourth round Garcia looks like he is suffering from stage fright and Haney is doing more wrestling than fighting to the disappointment of the large crowd. Anytime there is a lot of talking prior to a fight it usually turns out to be a dull fight and so far, this is one. In the seventh round Garcia came out throwing punches while Haney starts smiling. In the eighth round Garcia drops Haney with a left hook on the chin for an 8-count from Referee Dock. Haney kept clinching and on a break Garcia hit Haney causing him to lose a point. Twice Haney hit the canvas and Referee Dock never called it but a slip.

In the ninth round every time Haney throws a punch Garcia turns away like he doesn’t want to be in the ring. In the tenth rounds halfway point Garcia drops Haney with a combination to the chin for an 8-count from Referee Dock and again goes into a shell letting him off the hook.

In the eleventh round with a minute remaining Garcia lands a right on the chin and down goes Haney for another 8-count from Referee Dock. Dock continues showing his favoritism for Haney use holding he should have penalized him. Garcia started showboating like a little girl blowing the round.

Scores 112-112, 114-110, 115-109 as did KH.

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WBA Continental America Super Fly champ John “Scrappy” Ramirez, 13-1 (9), #114 ¼, of L.A., CA, was badly defeated by WBO Latino Fly champ David “Medallita” Jimenez, 16-1 (11), #114 ¾, of Cartago, CR, for the WBA Interim World Super Fly title, over 12 rounds.

In the first round Jimenez came forward knocking down Ramirez with a shoulder called a no knockdown by Referee Benjy Esteves. Ramirez outworked Jimenez the rest of the way. In the third round Jimenez kept working the body of Ramirez for two minutes before Ramirez took over.

In the fourth round Jimenez had Ramirez on the ropes until the final seconds when Ramirez came back with a short flurry. In the fifth through the ninth rounds Jimenez kept pressuring the countering Ramirez.

In the tenth and eleventh rounds as much as Ramirez tried, he was getting out landed inside by Jimenez. In the twelfth and final round Jimenez drew blood from the nose and cut the left eyebrow with his head and uppercuts having Ramirez a bloody mess.

Scores 117-111 twice and 116-112, 118-110 KH.

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2016 Olympic Silver Medalist and WBA Inter-continental Super Middleweight champ Bektemir “Bully” Melikuziev, 14-1 (10), #167 ¾, of Shoimbek, UZB, Indio, CA, won by technical decision over Pierre Dibombe, 22-1-1 (12), #166 ½ of Nantes, Loire-Atlantique, FR, after seven rounds of a scheduled 10 rounds.

In the first round it was all Melikuziev and a head clash opened up a cut on the right eyebrow of Dibombe.

In the middle of the second round Referee Ricky Gonzalez brought in the ring physician to check the cut on Dibombe. In the third round Dibombe came out throwing right hands knowing the fight is on the line but Melikuziev uses his jab to keep him from landing any effective punches.

In the fourth round a clash of heads caused a Melikuziev bloody nose. Dibombe did what he could to keep the fight going. In the fifth rounds first minute another head clash caused a bad cut on the left eyebrow of Melikuziev.

In the sixth round Melikuziev outworked Dibombe taking the round. In the seventh round it was all Malikuziev with only occasional counter rights from Dibombe.

In the start of the eighth round, referee Gonzalez called in the ring physician who stopped the fight due to the nasty cut on the left eyelid of Malikuziev going to the scorecards.

Scores 79-73 twice and 78-74 as did KH.

In the co-Main Event WBO Inter-Continental Super Lightweight champ Arnold Barboza, Jr., 30-0 (11), #139 ½, of L.A., CA, won a highly disputed decision over WBO Euro champ southpaw Sean ‘The Public Nuisance’ McComb, 18-2 (5), #139 ½, of Belfast, Northern IRE, over 10 rounds.

In the first three rounds McComb out boxed the ever coming forward Barboza with an effective jab. In the fourth round Barboza despite bruises under both eyes was able to get McComb into a slugfest taking the round.

In the fifth and sixth rounds McComb used his reach to land lead lefts to the mid-section of Barboza. In the seventh and eighth rounds Barboza still can’t land the lead right against southpaw McComb and is getting beat to the punch.

In the ninth round McComb continues to pull off the upset after every round raises his right hand in victory after continuing to give Barboza a boxing lesson. In the tenth and final rounds final minute a lead right from Barboza opens a cut on the right eyebrow of McComb. Referee Steve Willis had an easy night with no clinches. The crowd showed their disappointment with the decision.

Scores 96-94 and 97-93 Barboza and 98-92 McComb as did KH.

2008 Olympian and 3-time world challenger Sergiy “The Technician” Derevyanchenko, 15-5 (10), #167 ½, of UKR, Brooklyn, NY, dominated Vaughn “The Animal” Alexander, 18-11-1 (11), #167 ½, of St. Louis, MO, over 10 rounds.

In the first two rounds Derevyanchenko out landed Alexander. In the third round Derevyanchenko dominated though suffered a bloody nose in the final minute from an Alexander left hook. In the fourth round Derevyanchenko moved around Alexander hitting him almost at will.

In the fifth rounds final seconds Alexander landed a solid left hook to the chin but Derevyanchenko came firing back taking another round. In the seventh rounds final seconds Derevyanchenko landed five unanswered punches.

In the eighth round a left hook body shot from Derevyanchenko and down went Alexander for an 8-count from Referee Steve Willis. Willis kept telling Derevyanchenko to the corner until the bell sounded.

In the ninth round Alexander walked forward taking everything Derevyanchenko had losing another round. In the tenth and final round Derevyanchenko landed three and five punch combination without return finishing the shutout.

Scores were all 100-89 by all and KH.

2016 Olympian Super Welterweight Charles “Bad News” Conwell, 19-0 (14), #153, of Cleveland, OH, stopped Nathaniel “Nate the Great” Gallimore, 22-8-1 (17), #153, of Kingston, JAM, Chicago, IL, at 0:52 of the sixth round of a scheduled 10 rounds.

In the first rounds final half minute a fight broke out with shorter Conwell opening up on Gallimore. In the third round Conwell opened up blasting Gallimore causing a bloody nose and cut left eyebrow besides good body shots. In the fourth round Gallimore came back well enough to cause swelling under the right eye of Conwell but not enough to take the round.

In the fifth round Conwell in the final minute landed over a dozen unanswered punches as Gallimore’s nose bled and for some reason Referee Arthur Mercante, Jr. didn’t call a halt. In the sixth rounds early seconds a combination from Conwell to the head and referee Mercante finally called a halt.

Light Heavyweight Kevin Newman ll, 16-3-1 (10), #173 ½, of Las Vegas, NV, stopped Eric “Pantera” Robles, 9-3 (8), #177.8, of Tijuana, Baja California, MEX, at 1:53 of round four of a scheduled 8 rounds.

In the first two rounds Newman trained by Roy Jones, Jr. with a similar style gave Robles a boxing lesson. In the third round Newman warned for hitting behind head with a minute remaining by Referee Benjy Esteves.

In the fourth round after half a minute a flurry of punches from Newman dropped Robles for an 8-count from Referee Esteves. With a minute remaining a right from Newman on the side of the head of Robles dropped him forcing a stoppage.

Impressive Middleweight Amari Jones, 12-0 (11), #159 ¼, of Las Vegas, NV, stopped Armel Mbumba-Yassa, 10-2-1 (7), #160 ½, of Remscheid, Nordrhein-Westfalen, GER, at 0:40 of the sixth round of a schedule 8 rounds.

From the first through the fourth rounds Jones dominated with hand and foot speed, switching from orthodox to southpaw. Mbumba-Yassa fought a draw two weeks ago. In the sixth rounds final minute a right from Jones on the chin and down went Mbumba-Yassa for an 8-count from Referee Arthur Mercante, Jr. Seconds and punches later the bout was stopped.

WBA Inter-Continental Super Middleweight champ Darius “DFG” Fulghum, 11-0 (10), #167 ½, of Houston, TX, stopped Cristian Olivas, 22-11 (19), #167 ½, of Tijuana, MEX, at 0:50 of the fourth of a scheduled 8 rounds.
In the first three rounds Fulghum dominated close to being stopped at end of third by Referee Ricky Gonzalez.

Lightweight Shamar “Boss” Canal, 8-0 (4), #135, of Albany, NY, defeated southpaw Pedro Borgaro, 7-2 (4), #135 ¾, of Ciudad Obregon, MEX, over 6 rounds.

In the first round, southpaw Borgaro edged. In the second round Canal landed more. In the third round with a minute remaining Canal landed a right on the chin dropping Borgaro for an 8-count from Referee Ricky Gonzalez.

In the fifth round Borgaro came up landing a right uppercut to the chin of Canal. With a minute remaining Canal rocked Borgaro with a right on the chin. In the sixth and final round it was close with Canal showboating in the final seconds may have blown the round.

Scores all 58-53, 56-55 KH

Super Lightweight Jonathan “Sugar Cane” Canas, 4-0 (2), #137 ½, of Santa Ana, CA, defeated Marcus Bowes, 2-6-2 (2), #140, of Roxboro, NC, over 4 rounds.

In the first two rounds Canas out landed a game Bowes. In the third and fourth rounds Canas continued outworking Bowes who made it interesting in defeat. Canas had bruise under fight eye at the end.
Referee Harvey Dock. All scores 40-36.

Ring Announcer Joe Martinez

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