Jack Catterall looks forward to his big rematch with Josh Taylor on April 27. | Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

Jack Catterall says he doesn’t love spending this time with Josh Taylor, but can’t wait until they get to meet in the ring.

Following yesterday’s press conference for Josh Taylor vs Jack Catterall 2, Catterall talks about his perception of Taylor, having to do a press tour with him, and why things almost kicked off when the pair came face to face. Check out some excerpts of what he had to say below.

Catterall on how he’s feeling traveling on a press tour with nemesis Josh Taylor

“You know what, I understand the process. It’s part of the process. I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite thing to do, travel up and down the country with one Josh Taylor but I’ll be excited to get tomorrow out the way and then I can really knuckle down in camp and prepare and do what I need to do to beat him.”

On Taylor appearing late to the presser

“He turned up a half an hour late and I think it was with a little coloring book with some crayons, which I didn’t find it offensive or funny. I thought it was a bit strange. There’s clearly no learning difficulties with me. I like coloring, I like crayons, but I thought it a bit disrespectful to turn up over 30 minutes late and bring a shit gift, so I gave him slap, let him know that it’s not acceptable. Bring a better gift next time.”

On how he reads Taylor’s appearance

“I seen him firsthand. I don’t think he looks great, I don’t think he looks like a young, healthy 33 year old full of energy and glowing. I think he looks a bit rough but he might’ve had a rough weekend, who knows.”

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