The IBF has ordered undisputed super middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez to defend against his IBF mandatory little-known contender William Scull (22-0, 9 KOs) in his next fight. Alvarez (61-2-2, 30 KOs) needs to begin negotiating right away with only 28 days before a purse bid.

I guess it’s time for Canelo to start vacating his 168-lb titles because the Firestick boys are going to be busy that night if the Mexican star chooses to fight the obscure fighter William Scull because they’re not going to want to pay $80+ to watch this kind of non-PPV worthy fight.

Canelo is coming off a 12-round decision win over Jaime Munguia on May 4th, and that match reportedly brought in excellent PPV numbers.

Time to Ditch Titles

Scull has got that Mayweather-esque fighting style that Canelo HATES to fight, and he’s not going to be a happy camper trying to solve his style at age 33. This fight could be a nightmare for Canelo and boring to watch.

We saw how much trouble Canelo had against that kind the Mayweather style when he was younger, but he’s up there in age now, and it’s not a good idea to fight that kind of guy now.

I don’t know why the International Boxing Federation isn’t at least waiting until Scull fights a notable contender before making him the WBA mandatory to Canelo becaue as far as I can tell, he’s fought absolutely nobody during his eight-year pro career.

Here are Scull’s last six opponents:

– Sean Hemphill
– Christian Fabian Rios
– Abel Nicolas Adriel
– Evgeny Shvedenko
– Deneb Diaz
– Dragan Lepei

I mean, who are these guys? I’ve never heard of anyone, and neither have fans. Canelo, I know you like being the undisputed champion at 168, but it’s time to start dumping your titles because they’re not worth keeping anymore.

The 31-year-old Cuban-born William Scull (22-0, 9 KOs) is a complete unknown to boxing fans in the U.S, has no power, and is a crafty type of fighter. His record is totally barren of known fighters, and there’s nothing Canelo can gain from fighting this guy in terms of attracting pay-per-view buys.

The Berlanga Alternative: At Least It’s a PPV Seller

Canelo also inherited the WBA mandatory Edgar Berlanga after ‘regular’ champion David Morrell Jr. moved up to 175. Berlanga at least brings in PPV buys from New York, if not anywhere else, because it’s a horrible mismatch, and fans know it.

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