Superstar Canelo Alvarez revealed his asking price for a fight against David Benavidez today, saying he’d fight him for “150 to 200 million.” Canelo says if he’s offered that money, “I’ll fight tomorrow.”

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As of now, Canelo (60-2-2, 39 KOs) states that the amount of money that he would get for a fight against the Benavidez would be only “25 [million] more” than what would get fighting anybody else, and to him, it’s not worth it because the fight rates 150 to 200 million.

Canelo Wants Big Money

This logically means that without the Saudis offering that kind of money, a fight between Canelo and Benavidez (28-0, 24 KOs) won’t happen because no U.S. promoter has that kind of dough.

Also, if Canelo were getting a payday of 150 to 200 million, Benavidez would likely want at least half of that sum. There’s no promoter out there, aside from the Saudis, that can come up with $300 million in guaranteed purses to split between Canelo and Benavidez for a mega-fight.

“Who is he to offer me money?” Canelo Alvarez asked the media today about David Benavidez and whether he offered him $50 million for a fight. If he offered the amount he says, that amount I can make with anybody. That’s nothing.”

What Canelo says makes sense. The money he would get for a fight against Benavidez by the U.S. promoters wouldn’t be much more than what he would get fighting anybody else. If all he’s getting is an extra $25 million for a clash against Benavidez, that’s not enough incentive to take the fight. The pay isn’t bumped up enough,

“Maybe, who knows?” Canelo asked whether a fight between him and Benavidez was the biggest one that could have been made. “He brings nothing to the table for me. He just brings 25 [million] more on the fight that night, and that’s it.

“But I feel he’s nothing to offer me money. I’m the one. If a promoter comes to me and offers me 150 or 200 million, I fight tomorrow. That’s the reason I fight with him because the only thing he brings to the table is 25 [million] more.

“I don’t need to fight anybody. I don’t need to prove to anybody because I remember when this happened with Golovkin,” said Canelo when asked if he felt pressure to fight Benavidez.

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