Brian McIntyre says he expects a rough from from Israil Madrimov. | Photo by Jess Hornby/Getty Images

The trainer believes Terence Crawford has the tools to beat Canelo but says Israil Madrimov deserves their full immediate attention.

Terence Crawford’s trainer Brian McIntyre takes some time to chat with Fight Hub about how his fighter is acclimating to his new weight class as he prepares to take on Israil Madrimov at 154 lbs. Check out some excerpts of what he had to say below.

McIntyre on how Crawford’s camp for Madrimov has been going

“Camp is going good. He’s working hard like he always does. I’m just kind of being patient for the date to come so we can see a stronger and hard hitter like Terence do his thing.”

On what challenges they’ve faced for Crawford to grow into this weight class

“It’s really no challenges because Terence was growing out of 147 so his body is developing more now and he’s developing more power so it’s not holding him back no more, he have to stay a certain weight, just let him go and do his thing. And he’s got some great strength trainers…things are going good for this new weight.”

On what Mardimov brings to the table in this fight

“Seeing Madrimov, just watching his fights and just watching him as a person, I believe he’s going to bring good, better performance out of Terence because the kid looks like he’s determined. I know he only got 10 fights but he got a sh-tload of amateurs and he’s been fighting some great guys in the professional level and he’s champion. So he brings a lot to the table for Terence to work with and I’m excited to see it.

“I look at him like a ‘Mean Machine’ (Egidijus Kavaliauskas). Mean Machine was rough, man and dude was tough as sh-t. He had a good chin on him but once Bud turned it up he went in there and got the job done. So I look at Madrimov like that, that determined style, big, good chin, just ready to fight you blow for blow and I think that’s what Madrimov is going to bring to the table.”

On what if any indications they’ve received from Turki Alalshikh about a potential fight against Canelo

“Well I think it’s just one fight at a time right now. So the fight that’s in front of Bud, that’s what he’s concentrating on. Bud ain’t never looked past an opponent, he never take an opponent lightly, so right now he’s just focused on Madrimov because this dude is dangerous, he’s real dangerous. So that’s where his focus is at.

“As far as (Alashikh)…I never talked to him, I think I only seen him one time, so I can’t tell you what his thought process is.”

On how he thinks Crawford matches up against Canelo

“I just look at Canelo like he can be beat. He been beat before so Bud got the tools to beat him — that’s how I look it. As far as breaking him down, once that fight come on the radar or on the table, then I’ll start studying a little bit more on his style and how to break him down but right now my mind is focused on this dangerous Madrimov. Can’t slip up on that guy.”

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