Chantelle Cameron says Katie Taylor is preventing a third fight | Photo By Stephen McCarthy/Sportsfile via Getty Images

Chantelle Cameron says Katie Taylor is preventing a third fight between the two.

Chantelle Cameron claims that Katie Taylor is stalling in negotiations for a trilogy fight between the two.

Cameron (18-1, 8 KO) and Taylor (23-1, 6 KO) split a pair of terrific fights in Dublin last May and November, with Cameron winning the first bout by majority decision and Taylor getting revenge in the second fight, taking the undisputed super lightweight championship from Cameron.

A third fight between the two was expected, but the 32-year-old Cameron says Taylor, 37, and her team have not been cooperative.

“I have agreed to a massive purse reduction to make this fight happen financially, as this was what I was told was the hold-up from the fight being agreed,” Cameron said on social media.

“The reason is because I wanted to create my own legacy. Now it looks like Katie will take a ‘keep busy’ fight and avoid me, as I think she knows that certain things that went her way in the last fight won’t happen again.

“Sorry to the actual boxing fans who wanted to see this fight, but the trilogy not happening is down to Katie and her team, and not me.”

Cameron then replied to “rumors” she’d been hearing, and expanded on her side of the story.

“I was offered the trilogy at a vastly reduced purse, I refused as this figure was extremely low,” she said. “I gave a reasonable figure, that got refused. I then lowered it to make the fight happen. As of this morning, (Matchroom) and DAZN want to do the trilogy, so there is only one party holding it up.

“Katie Taylor and her team are holding up one of the biggest fights in women’s boxing history … The first fight I was called out by Katie Taylor and agreed to terms within 48 hours. Let’s make this as simple as we did then. I am ready to sign the deal now, (Katie).”

There is a solid chance that Taylor could sell Dublin’s Croke Park — her long-awaited dream venue for a pro fight — against just about anyone, but the rivalry with Cameron really does feel like unfinished business, and is a proven quality matchup between two top pound-for-pound competitors.

Taylor’s other money option would be a rematch with Amanda Serrano, but Serrano just had a fight canceled due to an eye issue, and she seems set to continue on at featherweight, while Taylor is now fully at 140. We’re talking a 14 lb, three-division difference there. The Serrano rematch was signed for 2023, but Serrano withdrew, and that’s how we got the first Taylor vs Cameron fight in the first place.

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