Terence Crawford vs. Israil Madrimov PPV prices for their August 3rd match on DAZN at the BMO Stadium in Los Angeles are out. The Crawford-Madrimov event costs $79.99 on DAZN and ESPN+ PPV in the United States.

In the UK, the DAZN price tag is £24.99 for new subscribers. The exciting ones go for slightly cheaper at £23.99.

Initial Fan Reactions:

As one would expect, fans on social media grumbled about the PPV price points. Some complained that $79.99 was too high, given that Crawford (40-0, 31 KOs) is fighting a world champion with just ten fights.

The fans didn’t like that and felt that fighters like Jared Anderson, Jarrell Miller, and Andy Ruiz didn’t belong on a PPV event, even on an undercard.

I think the undercard is excellent, and it’s leagues better than any of the cards that have taken place this year or are coming up.

The Stellar Undercard:

  • Isaac ‘Pitbull’ Cruz vs. Jose ‘Rayo’ Valenzeulla
  • Jared Anderson vs. Martin Bakole
  • David Morrell Jr. vs. Radivoje “Hot Rod” Kalajdzic
  • Andy Ruiz Jr. vs. Jarrell Miller
  • Andy Cruz vs. Antonio Moran

“He should be able to. I believe that Crawford is going to knock him out. I truly believe that,” said Tim Bradley to Sean Zittel, about his belief that Terence Crawford will KO WBA junior middleweight champion Israil Madrimov on August 3rd.

Factors Affecting the Fight: Age, Inactivity, and Weight Class

Crawford, 36, hasn’t fought in a year, and he’s moving up to compete at 154 for the first time. Age, inactivity, and moving up are three factors that could cause Crawford problems, as compared to the 29-year-old Madrimov.

What could be the clincher is the power of Madrimov. He punches harder than anyone Crawford has fought, and he’s healthy. He’s not coming off car crashes and a long year lahoff like Crawford’s last opponent, Errol Spence Jr.

“The guy he’s facing [Madrimov] is extremely strong. He’s brute strong and very athletic as well. He has some elements that can give Crawford some issues, but the one thing you can’t be is impatient when you face Crawford. This guy kind of gets out of line a bit,” Bradley continued with his analysis of why Crawford will defeat Madrimov.

The power of Madrimov will be a problem for Crawford if he can’t avoid getting hit by this guy because he’ll punch holes through him if he can land and he likely will unless Terence plays it safe. He can’t afford to do that because he must look good to ensure he gets the Canelo Alvarez fight in 2025.

“He’s impatient, and he leaves himself open. So, I think Crawford catches him and not only catches him but hurts him, and then he finishes him. But it’s going to take some time to do it. I don’t think it’s going to be early. I think Crawford is going to have to wear him down, and once he does, he’s going to catch him and hurt him.”

Madrimov is aggressive, but I wouldn’t call him “impatient.” He attacks his opponents and doesn’t box as much as some fighters. At 154, most of the fighters in the division slug because it’s difficult to win in this weight class being a finesse fighter.

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