Isaac Cruz stopped Rolando Romero in eight rounds over the weekend. | Photo by Steve Marcus/Getty Images

Oscar De La Hoya doesn’t pass up the opportunity to have a laugh at Rolando Romero.

Golden Boy promoter Oscar De La Hoya gets to have the last laugh — well, at least for the time being. Following a series of taunts and insults directed at him from Rolando Romero leading into the fight, De La Hoya took to social media to have a laugh at Romero’s expense following his stoppage loss to Isaac Cruz over the weekend.

“Rollies, you dumbass, getting knocked out. Focus on your opponents instead of focusing on me, goddammit. Other fighters, learn from Rollies. Don’t talk shit about promoters, there’s only three of us in the world.”

De La Hoya also posted another video of himself hysterically laughing at Romero getting knocked out, featuring a cameo appearance from Bernard Hopkins.

The Golden Boy promoter obviously isn’t one to take the high road where pettiness is involved, but it does highlight just how polarizing a figure Romero was able to turn himself into in this sport.

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