Devin Haney has taken to social media to tell his followers that Ryan Garcia has missed weight by coming in three pounds over the 140-lb limit for their fight this Saturday night at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

(Photo credit: Golden Boy Promotions / Cris Esqueda)

Potential Financial Consequences

“Ryan 3 pounds over.. 🤦🏽‍♂️,” said Devin Haney on X, suggesting that Ryan Garcia has missed weight.

What this could mean is that Ryan (24-1, 20 KOs) may be forced to cough up $1.5 million to Haney due to his handshake bet of $500K per pound on Thursday for weigh-in. It was a crazy one-way bet with nothing for Ryan to gain.

The Price of a Bad Bet

That’s one way for Haney to get a big purse boost for his fight with Ryan, tricking him into making a fool’s bet.

It’s such an unfair bet for the unbeaten WBC light welterweight champion Haney to have made with Ryan, as he knows he’s a better fighter going up against a guy who struggled against a ham & egger in his last fight against Oscar Duarte and quit in his one before that against Gervonta Davis.

The sad thing for Ryan is if he gets beaten badly, his chances for future paydays will diminish, whereas with Haney, his will increase. It doesn’t matter if Haney is boring. His future earning potential will go up if he wins, while Ryan’s will drop off.

Garcia’s Distracted Focus

It’ll be interesting to learn if Ryan pays up on the bet or tells Haney to get lost because that’s a lot of money to be given away on a silly one-way bet.

Considering how unfocused Ryan has been during the build-up for Saturday’s fight, he shouldn’t have made this bet on his weight.

Ryan has been doing too much stuff on social media, and running around meeting with the media promoting the fight. Garcia has done a lot more work building interest in his fight than Haney.

Devin should be on his hands and knees thanking Ryan for doing all the hard work in the promotion to make their fight bigger rather than weaseling money out of him with an unfair bet.

Haney’s Rehydration Advantage

What Ryan should have done is put a bet on Haney’s rehydrated weight for their fight, limiting it to 150 lbs with a secondary weight check at noon on Saturday.

Haney would likely have never agreed to the bet, given that he’s expected to rehydrate to 165, but it would have made more sense.

The weights haven’t been confirmed yet, so we have to wait and see if what Haney says is for real. He could be just trolling. We’ll see soon see if this is accurate about Ryan coming in three lbs over.

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