WBC light welterweight champion Devin Haney was fuming today about the low-ball winning bid by Top Rank of $2.42 million for his title defense against mandatory Sandor Martin.

What boiled Haney’s blood even more was that Matchroom Boxing didn’t bid at all and that Top Rank was the lone bidder. Haney (31-1, 15 KOs) expected Matchroom to take part in the bidding process as well, but they stayed far away from this albatross because it has low ratings written all over it, and it’s a PPV-worthy match-up.

I guess Haney thought Matchroom would jump all over his fight with Sandor and readily dump millions into it. They’re not crazy. This is the type of fight that many promoters wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole, and Haney should be happy that Top Rank has chosen to bid on it.

Haney’s Disappointment with Matchroom

“Wow, Matchroom, nasty work,” said Haney on X when learning about Top Rank being the only bidder at today’s purse bid.

Matchroom did the only reasonable thing, wanting nothing to do with the fight because it wouldn’t bring in enough money to justify the money it spent. Hearn has got to know that not only will the fight bomb, but Haney might lose to Sandor, who has enough power to finish what Ryan Garcia started last April.

According to Top Rank’s Carl Morretti, Eddie Hearn didn’t bid on the Haney vs. Martin fight because he didn’t like it, which is understandable. Sandor (42-3, 15 KOs) isn’t well known in the U.S and has a crafty style that will make a less than exciting fight.

Top Rank’s Plan and Eddie Hearn’s Opinion

“Per TR, the plan is to put on a fight in early fall,” said Dan Rafael on X about today’s purse bid for the Devin Haney vs. Sandor Martin fight.

“I asked Top Rank’s boxing CarlMoretti about there being 1 bidder on Devin Haney -Martin. “I understand why Matchroom didn’t bid because Eddie [Hearn] told me he didn’t like the fight. I don’t understand why Devin Haney Promotions didn’t bid since they’re quote, unquote, a promoter as well.”

Many feel that Haney should vacate his WBC title and move up to 147, where he can make weight more easily. He rehydrates a lot for his fights at 140, and his performance against Ryan Garcia might indicate that it is catching up to him.

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