Devin Haney shoved Ryan Garcia hard during a face-off with him today on top of New York’s Empire State Building, sending him backward several feet. Luckily, there were no reported neck injuries from the shove. What a place for Devin to pick to get violent, eh?

History of Pre-Fight Aggression

This isn’t the first time Haney (31-0, 15 KOs) has shoved one of his opponents. He did a similar thing Against Vasily Lomachenko last year in May during a face, and he was later fined $25,000.

For Haney, who reportedly has a net worth of $22 million, the $25K was a drop in the bucket. If the commissions are going to penalize fighters for violent pre-fight behavior, they’ll need to increase the fines to have a real bite for the millionaire boxers, who can easily pay. When you’re as rich as Haney, these fines are mere pocket change.

Haney’s Need for Composure

It seems that Haney, 25, hasn’t learned his lesson from getting violent with his opponents during face-offs. One can only imagine what the backlash would be against Haney if Ryan suffered an injury, causing the fight to be postponed or canceled.

You have to question Haney’s judgment with his pre-fight behavior, acting out, and being unable to control his emotions when facing off with his opponents. It would be a shame if plexiglass dividers were needed to keep Haney from shoving his opposition when facing off with them, but they have to start considering this if he can’t control himself.

Was It a Publicity Stunt?

What we don’t know if this were a premeditative move on Haney’s part to increase ticket and PPV sales for his fight against Ryan Garcia.

The reports of poor ticket sales have been widely noted, and it’s clear that something needs to be done to increase interest in the Haney-Garcia fight or else they could be performing in front of a near-empty Barclays Center in Brooklyn, this Saturday, April 20th. Haney and Garcia could be fighting in front of tumbleweeds at the Barclays if those tickets don’t start selling.

If the Barclays is empty, the organizers will likely screen off the sections with empty seats so it won’t be as noticeable to people at home. There were reports of free tickets being given out for Haney’s last fight against Regis Prograis in his hometown of San Franciso, California.

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