Devin Haney says he’s still planning on suing Ryan Garcia for his testing positive for PEDs for their fight on April 20th, but he’s also convinced there will be a rematch.

The Golden Goose for Haney’s Career

This whole idea of Haney suing Ryan could be self-defeating, killing the golden goose and making him not want to give him a rematch.

If Haney is still counting on getting a rematch with Ryan, suing him is the wrong way to go about it. A legal case could jeopardize Haney’s chances of getting a rematch. Haney’s main goal is to get the rematch with Ryan, but he also wants to sue him. Will that work for him?

Devin fails to say what kind of money he expects to win from a legal case against Ryan Garcia. In the meantime, Haney is sitting inactive, which will cost him money and could hurt his career far more than his loss to Ryan.

If the potential cash that Haney gets from a legal case against Ryan is far less than what he’d get in a rematch with him, you have to wonder if he’s doing the right thing.

Haney wants to get revenge in blood for his fighting on PEDs in their fight last April in Brooklyn, New York. He’s given up his WBC light welterweight title after being ordered to defend it against Sandor Martin and now is the ‘Champion in recess.’

Haney’s Pursuit of Justice

“Once you’re in with a guy that’s on PEDs, you’re not on an even playing field, and that eliminates everything,” said Devin Haney to Ariel Helwani’s YouTube channel, complaining about Ryan Garcia.

Haney doesn’t say what he’ll do if he doesn’t get a rematch with Ryan Garcia because that’s not something he can force.

If Ryan chooses not to assist Haney with a second fight due to his litigation, Devin will have to figure out where he will go with his career because his chances of regaining his lost title against WBC champion Alberto Puello are low.

“I want to make him pay for the s*** that he did. In the ring, out the ring. We’re not friends. Like I said, he’s going to pay for what he did in the ring, out the ring, and I mean that in many different ways.”

Uncertain Future

Ryan and Gervonta Davis are the only ones that Haney can fight to make huge amounts of money, but will they bother with him? Haney is in a bind. To get decent money, he’s got to fight good opposition like Jaron Ennis and Teofimo, but he’ll likely lose to them, and it’ll be his career over. He doesn’t want to take the smaller paydays, so he’s in a tough spot.

Puello just beat Gary Antuanne Russell, and based on how he looked in that victory, he’d beat Haney without any problems.

Moving up to 147 would be a dead end for Haney because he’s a weak puncher and doesn’t have the chin to take the howitzer shots from guys like Brian Norman Jr. and Jaron ‘Boots’ Ennis.

“This whole thing has cost me money. I’ve lost money through this whole situation He will pay for everything. That is one of the ways it’s cost me money,” said Haney about the purse bid being low for his fight against WBC mandatory Sandor Martin, which Devin has chosen not to take.

“As far as future fights, it has cost me. I signed the contract for a fair fight where we do drug testing where I’m clean, and he’s clean, and that wasn’t the case,” said Haney when asked if he still intends on suing Ryan Garcia. So, like I say, he must pay for that.

Ryan could decide he wants nothing to do with Haney, putting him in a tough spot where he’ll look for someone else to give him the big payday he craves.

The only fighter Haney can make money fighting at 140 is Teofimo Lopez, and he’s not a PPV fighter. Teofimo fights on regular ESPN, and his career has failed to take off due to his loss to George Kambosos and poor performances against other fighters.

“He didn’t hold up on his bargain of that. So, he will pay. He will pay in the ring. I want to get it back in blood in the ring but outside the ring. I’m still a businessman, and this is a business. He failed five tests, and no one is going to forfeit a million dollars for something they didn’t do, right? By the time you forfeit a million, you’re owning up for what you did,” said Haney.

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