The title for this preview and predictions article fits the bill due to the circus show that Ryan Garcia has engaged in the run up to this DAZN PPV on Saturday. Is Ryan ready or not? This boxing podcaster feels sort of bad for Devin Haney given how fans will treat this victory should he get his hand raised. On the other hand there is no doubt Haney has and will get a profile boost regardless as he makes his way up the pound for pound list.

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Let’s get to the meat and potatoes of this matchup between Devin and Ryan. What’s been dubbed Game 7 appears to be a whitewash of Ryan Garcia. Boxing experts are basically giving ‘King Ry’ just a puncher’s chance to win. Of course, the Game 7 metaphor comes from the pair meeting 6 times over the years in the amateur ranks. All tied up at 3-3 but it’s clear at the present time Devin Haney has the more established pro career. Haney has a close decision victory over Vasiliy Lomachenko. Along with two decisive wins over George Kambosos and dominate at a new weight class in his last outing versus Regis Prograis.

Garcia’s best win is Luke Campbell. Beyond that, he has a couple of nice names. Obviously, he had a chance to make a huge statement by beating Gervonta Davis last spring but fell short. Ryan started fast but fell right in the traps laid by the heavy-handed, counter-punching Tank Davis. The elephant in the room will always exist that Garcia took a knee and refused to fight on. In the minds of most hardcore and especially casual fans, Ryan is a quitter, and those same folks are calling for a repeat on Saturday.

The jab is an overused talking point, but to be honest, it’s for good reason. We already know Devin Haney’s jab is one of the best in the business. Although in recent bouts, Haney has shown more variation in his punch selection, it starts and ends with his jab. The real question is can Ryan Garcia dust off his jab and use it to set up his power punches? Haney throws his jab to the body, chest, and head. He also tends to move his head offline or drop levels to avoid getting countered after landing.

Ryan Garcia needs to make good use of his jab and be patient instead of just rushing in for the kill. The jab would be his best defense as well because anyone who’s seen Garcia fight knows he has a habit of keeping his chin up in the air. Garcia will have the hand speed and the power punching advantage but it all comes down to how he employs those traits. When this boxing junkie used the word patient, it doesn’t mean not to apply pressure. It has to be smarter pressure than what we saw versus Tank.

No one will mistake Lomachenko’s footwork and work rate with Ryan Garcia. That said in against Loma, Jorge Linares, and Joseph Diaz, Haney left a target wide open to left hands. Haney does step in off his back foot when he jabs often leaving that large gap perfect for Garcia’s left hook. Speaking of footwork and ring IQ, that’s where this fight will be won for Devin Haney.

Devin’s ability to use distance, upper body movement, and high level footwork to stay out of range of incoming shots will be the difference. For those who believe Ryan Garcia’s antics and/or mental health issues are just all part of the promotion he is sitting as a sizable underdog. The lowest number is +475. He’s a +550 on BetMGM, and all the way up as high as a whopping +675 elsewhere.

If Ryan can land something big in the first few rounds he could very well win this fight. His only realistic path to victory is by knockout or multiple knockdowns. If Haney is hurt repeatedly, it would put him in an uncomfortable position of being down on the scorecards and forced to become an offensive fighter. This boxing degenerate will be placing some doe on Garcia just because of the odds. But my real money is on Devin Haney as the better overall boxer and it will show in the ring that night. A possible late TKO is on the table but I wouldn’t put the house on it.

My Official Prediction is Devin Haney by Unanimous Decision.


Side Note: The closest odds fight on paper this weekend is John ‘Scrappy’ Ramirez challenging David Jimenez.

Written by Chris Carlson Host/Producer of The Rope A Dope Radio Podcast Available at Follow on Twitter @RopeADopeRadio

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