Devin Haney surfaced on Instagram to say he wants a rematch with Ryan Garcia at an “agreed weight” under different conditions. The previously unbeaten Haney suffered the most humiliating defeat of his career, and he says he wants a “fair” deal in the rematch.

(Photo credit: Sumio Yamada)

Haney (31-1, 15 KOs) still holds his WBC light welterweight title, but a rematch would likely need to take place without his belt being on the line. Ryan says he can’t go below 143. It doesn’t look promising for Haney. T

Ryan’s Got Better Things To Do

The marketing genius Ryan hasn’t expressed much interest in fighting Haney again. He’s been more interested in fighting Gervonta Davis, Sabastian Fundora, and Jaron ‘Boots’ Ennis. Ryan’s attitude seems to be, ‘I’ve been there, and done that.’ He doesn’t see any point in a second fight with Haney.

A rematch with Haney would be going over old ground for Ryan, and it probably wouldn’t sell. Their fight last Saturday night arguably would have been over in the seventh round if a different referee were working the fight.

Haney got the stuffing beaten out of him in the seventh and dropped four times, with the referee only counting one of them.

It’s a miracle the fight went on. Most agree that the referee should have waved it off in the round because four knockdowns were more than enough to halt the contest.

A Plea for a ‘Fair’ Fight

Haney states he wants to give fans a “fair fight” with weight that he and Ryan (25-1, 20 KOs) agree on. The emphasis on a “fair” fight appears to be a move by Haney to deflect the tidal wave of negative criticism for his 12-round majority decision loss.

“I do feel like weight played a role in it. I would love to run it back and give the fans a FAIR fight within an agreed weight,” said Devin Haney on Instagram, blaming his loss on Ryan Garcia’s Weight and wanting a rematch.

Haney sounds really needy with his talk of a “fair fight” and wanting special conditions for the rematch by having the weight-adjusted.

It’s pretty obvious what Haney will do in the rematch to attempt to win. He’ll make it ugly by using his hit-and-run style. It’ll be the style that Haney employed against Regis Prograis, and it’s a difficult one to deal with because he’s moving and holding.


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