Devin Haney doesn’t believe Ryan Garcia has evolved much since the amateurs. | Photo by Cris Esqueda/Golden Boy/Getty Images

Devin Haney says he hopes Ryan Garcia gets it together before they meet for their showdown.

Devin Haney spent some time talking to media members immediately following yesterday’s opening press conference, and called out Garcia for indulging before the two met on stage to formally announce their fight.

Haney on his kickoff presser with Garcia

“Ryan was at the motherfuckin’ press conference drunk as a skunk, but hopefully he get it together before April 20th and I’m gonna have him punch drunk on that day.”

On the conflict over the date and venue for the fight

“Ryan’s team is reaching out to my team, to DAZN, Golden Boy, talking about it. Ryan is trying to get the fight moved at a later date in Vegas. He keeps saying May 4th but it cannot be May 4th. Canelo’s fighting on May 4th. Everybody knows this already…we can’t do it, so what is he talking about?”

On if he feels he needs to score a knockout in a big fight to silence those who criticize his power

“They can say what they want to say. I win, and I look good doing it every time.”

On if there’s anything to take from his past amateur experience against Garcia

“Ryan has not changed since the amateurs. He been fighting the same way. Of course he got bigger, stronger, but if you look as his old amateur fights he was doing the same thing. I know how to beat Ryan even though our first fight was at 10 years old, our last fight was when we were like 16. He hasn’t really changed much.”

On Garcia expressing interest in fighting in MMA against Sean O’Malley

“Ryan is an alcoholic, he drink a lot. We we don’t know which Ryan we’re going to get. So we don’t know if he might be off a bottle of Casamigos when he talking that.”

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