Rolando Romero looks forward to facing Isaac Cruz’s aggressive style of boxing. | Photo by Steve Marcus/Getty Images

Rolly says he’s been having an easy time in the gym facing guys with Pitbull’s style.

Ahead of the upcoming fight between Rolando ‘Rolly’ Romero and Isaac ‘Pitbull’ Cruz, taking place on the Keith Thurman vs Tim Tszyu undercard, both fighters appeared for a virtual press event where they were asked about their impending battle. Check out some of what both had to say below.

Romero on if Cruz’s come-forward style presents him with a favorable matchup

“If you want to come at me and get cracked then that’s good. Like I said, he can do that shit with all them little dudes with no power or all that other stuff with broken handed opponents and all that stuff, but I’m a big boy and I’m the hardest puncher you’ve ever been in the ring with — or he’s ever going to be in the ring with because I’m the hardest hitter at my weight class.”

Cruz on facing Romero’s power

“I don’t care. I just do my own thing and he has never fought against someone who’s as aggressive as I am neither.”

Romero on facing Cruz’s aggressive style

“I find those in Las Vegas all the time so he’s not that unique. He’s just a come-forward dude that doesn’t stop throwing punches. This has honestly probably been the easiest sparring I’ve ever tried to find in my life. So what I really want to know is how you’re going to find sparring for me, because you can’t replicate me. You can replicate him, you can’t replicate me.”

Cruz on what if any difficulties he’s had trying to find sparring that emulates Romero

“It’s not a hard thing at all to find people like him — to spar with what, cowards that don’t really like to fight? I can find that anywhere.”

Romero on being called a coward by Cruz

“I don’t think I’ve heard anyone say that to me before. But like I said, we’ll see March 30th who the real coward is. Like I said, all I got to do is crack him once or twice and then he’s not going to come forward no more.”

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