It’s been reported over at how Errol Spence and his former, 11 years long trainer Derrick James are engaged in a nasty lawsuit. James, who worked with Spence until his stoppage defeat at the hands of Terence Crawford last July, is apparently suing Spence for unpaid moneys, with James’s legal team reportedly asking for not less than $25million. Spence has fired back with a suit of his own.

Not getting into the the numbers and the legal stuff, this one is totally a sad state of affairs. James gave so much to Spence, while Spence seemed to thrive under James, the two having a great working relationship. But it seems that old adage, money is the root of all evil, has reared its ugly head once again.

The fighter and trainer will now duke it out in the courtroom. Who knows who Spence will hire as his new trainer, or if and when he will box again?

But added to this story is the fact that Ryan Garcia, who of course now works with James, had fired shots at Spence (once again), saying on social media how he will now look to “beat up” Spence and then knock him out. It seems we could have a teal and genuine grudge match here if this fight actually comes off !

Yes, Garcia has called out all manner of guys since his big win over Devin Haney, but a fight with Spence would for sure prove interesting to us fans. But how much has Spence got left after that hammering from Crawford?

Again, it’s a real shame it had to to come to this with Spence and James, but it has. And unfortunately, this will not be the last fighter/trainer relationship that goes down for the count. Far from it.

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