Tyson Fury says he’ll solve Anthony Joshua’s problem by slaying Oleksandr Usyk with “no problems” on May 18th to set up the Battle of Britain, as long as AJ does his part by defeating Francis Ngannou on Friday in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Fury wants to portray himself as superior to Joshua by letting fans know AJ isn’t good enough to defeat someone he can. Some would argue that Fury’s faux generosity towards Joshua is a subtle way to elevate himself to a higher perch so fans will adore him.

Fury recognizes that Joshua doesn’t have the tools to beat IBF/WBA/WBO heavyweight champion Usyk after losing twice to him. He understands that he must do the work for AJ to set up the mega-fight between them. If Fury leaves it up to Joshua, he’ll fail again, and they’ll never fight.

Was Fury Already Beaten?

Unfortunately, the chances are high that Fury and Joshua will both lose their fights, ruining their mega-fight and forcing His Excellency to decide whether to go ahead with the match under less-than-ideal conditions. We could see a double-loss disaster with AJ and Fury both losing.

Instead of their fight being viewed as a match between the two best heavyweights in the world, it would be two aging, washed fighters being pampered with special treatment.

Some boxing fans believe Fury was already beaten in his last fight against Ngannou last October in Riyadh. The judges bailed him out, giving him a questionable 10-round split decision. Fury looked awful that night, getting dropped and beaten to the punch by Ngannou.

The scoring by the two judges who decided Fury was shockingly bad. This writer had Nannou winning 8-2, and I was being kind to Fury by giving him two rounds.

GK Offers to Handle Joshua’s Problem

“He’s been busted a couple of times by Usyk. We all saw that fight. It’s one of those things where he doesn’t have the guy’s number,” said Tyson Fury to Queensberry about Anthony Joshua losing twice to Oleksandr Usyk.

“Leave him [Usyk] to me. The little southpaw man, I’ll slay him, no problem. Twice if he wants him to the big GK,” Fury continued about wanting to take care of Joshua’s dirty work by defeating Usyk for him.”

As you see here, Fury paints a picture of Joshua as an utterly helpless individual, dependent on him to save his career. In his next breath, Fury admits that Ngannou is “strong” and a real knockout threat.

“Then we can get the battle of Britain on, provided he gets past this big fella [Francis Ngannou, which isn’t a formality because this big man can punch, and he’s a strong big bastard. That’s why it’s an interesting fight, isn’t it? Knockout Chaos is a great name,” said Fury.

Tyson Dismisses AJ’s Glass Chin

“I don’t know. The man [Joshua] has been a world heavyweight champion, and you don’t have that if you’ve got a glass chin. Listen, we’re rivals, so I can talk s*** about him, and the same about me,” said Fury, defending Joshua.

Fury sounds so disingenuous when he talks about Joshua not having a glass chin when it’s already been established that he has a shaky chin.

“All heavyweights can knock the other one out. No one has a granite chin. The ones that say they have a granite chin haven’t been punched properly. So, if either one of these big men [Joshua and Ngannou] land on each other, it’s going to be lights out. So, we’re going to find out, aren’t we? That’s why it’s a PPV event for all these good fights,” said Fury.

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