Devin Haney has confirmed that Ryan Garcia has “honored” his $500,000 per pound bet that he’d made based on their weigh-in. Despite Ryan coming 3+ lbs overweight, the fight will still go ahead, but he won’t have a chance to capture Haney’s WBC light welterweight title if he’s victorious.

Ryan weighed in 3.2 lbs over the 140-lb limit today, coming in at 143.2 pounds, and will be surrendering $1.5 million to the unbeaten WBC light welterweight champion Haney (31-0, 15 KOs).

Post-Fight Payday Potential

Golden Boy Promotions has also confirmed that Ryan (24-1, 20 KOs) will honor this bet. If Ryan is victorious on Saturday night, this might not be a big deal for him because his star power will shoot through the roof, and the $1.5M that he’s given up to Haney will look like chump change compared to the dough that he can make moving forward against more popular fighters, like Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis and Terence Crawford.

A Regrettable Gamble

“Ryan honored the 500k per pound,” said Devin Haney on X about the bet he had with Ryan Garcia.

In hindsight, it was a dumb bet for Ryan to make with Haney because he clearly hasn’t been as dialed in towards training for this fight as he has. We’ve seen how Ryan has been in a lot of time, giving interviews, talking about his social causes, and looking disengaged.

Ryan looked visibly bigger for this fight, showing fat around his midsection and a small double chin, indicating that he’s not been putting the work in to be in tip-top condition.

Future Bets Unlikely

Moving forward, Haney might not have much luck trying to bet his challengers money to make some extra purse dough. There aren’t too many gullible contenders that are willing to make the same kind of oneway fool’s bet that Ryan Garcia did.

The bet that should have been made by Ryan is one Haney’s rehydration weight to cap it at 155 lbs to keep him from rehydrating to 165 lbs like in his last fight. That bet would have made a lot more sense than one on Ryan’s weight, as he’s not the one who is gaming the system by shooting up to the 160s.

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