Gervonta Davis’ co-trainer Kenny Ellis revealed when Tank will fight IBF lightweight champion Vasily Lomachenko, stating “11-24,” on a Sunday.

“11-24” on a Sunday? A PPV Disaster in the Making?

That has got to be wrong because there’s little chance that PBC and Top Rank will schedule a mega-PPV fight between Tank Davis and Lomachenko for Sunday. If the fight occurs on a Sunday night, it could be a PPV disaster, with normal, non-rich people needing to go to work the next day.

It’s unclear if Ellis is intentionally trying to mislead fans or if he is just ignorant. He guesses when the fight will happen and is not aware that the date that he threw out from the top of his head is a Sunday.

Ellis should leave it to the promoters of the Tank vs. Lomachenko event to give the date rather than leaking his wild guesses on Instagram.

Ellis’ Change of Tone: From Worry to Confidence

“Chenko will be destroyed,” said coach Kenny Ellis on Instagram, predicting a knockout victory for Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis over IBF lightweight champion Vasily Lomachenko in November.

Ellis has changed his tone from worrying about his fighter to showing some backbone. He vows that Tank will destroy Lomachenko.

This abrupt show of support by Ellis is a little too late. Fans have been reading his messages on social media, and they know already he’s got some serious concerns about Tank Davis’ chances in this fight going up against the talented IBF champion Lomachenko (18-3, 12 KOs), who has the type of skills that he’s never seen.

Ellis had already betrayed himself by crying about all the Lomachenko videos that had been posted and cooking up some wild conspiracy scenario to make sense of it all. If Ellis is trying to save face after his worry posts, it’s too late. He’s clearly worried about Lomachenko and what he can do to the Tank Davis gravy train.

Last Updated on 06/26/2024

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