Fans on social media are blasting Devin Haney over his decision to potentially pursue legal action against Ryan Garcia after his settlement with the New York State Athletic  Commission from positive drug tests.

Ryan was given a one-year ban and must pay a $1 million+ settlement for his positive tests.

Haney Cites Financial and Mental Impact

In an interview, Haney said his loss to Ryan Garcia on April 20th has affected him “financially” and “mentally.” Because of that and the positive tests from Ryan, Haney is taking legal action.

“My lawyers and team will do what they got to do to prove that in court against Ryan Garcia. We will take legal action because it has affected me. Not only financially but mentally and everything,” said Devin Haney to Title Sports Network about his plans to take further legal action against Ryan Garcia after his loss to him last April.

Social Media Backlash

People on social media view Haney as showing weakness with what they feel is a self-damaging move by continuing to whine about it.

They see this as Haney showing that he’s soft, and they point out that other fighters didn’t pursue legal action when their opponents were popped on drug tests.

If you’re Haney, it would be better to let the New York State Athletic Commission’s actions toward Ryan Garcia be the end of it. They banned him for a year for what he did.

It’s not a good move for Haney to continue talking about this because it shows weakness and gives the impression that he can’t accept a loss.

Last week, Top Rank won the purse bid for Haney’s WBC light welterweight mandatory Sandor Martin with a low $2.42 million bid.

It’s possible the purse bid for the Sandor Martin contest would have been higher if Haney had beaten Ryan Garcia, which could be true, but it likely wouldn’t have been much more. However, even for a superstar boxer, a fight against Sandor Martin wouldn’t command a massive purse bid because it could not sell.

Even if Haney had knocked out Ryan, a purse bid for a title defense against Sandor Martin wouldn’t be sky-high. Would Matchroom or Top Rank want to bid tons of dough on that fight and hope that fans would be willing to watch it on PPV? It’s doubtful.



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