Brian McIntyre says there’s no truth to rumors of Terence Crawford fighting Chris Eubank Jr. | Photo by Matt McNulty/Getty Images

Trainer Brian McIntyre believes Terence Crawford has all the tools necessary to overcome the weight disparity against Canelo Alvarez.

Over the weekend boxing media members caught up with Terence Crawford’s trainer Brian McIntyre and asked him about the upcoming Canelo vs Munguia fight as well as Crawford still wanting the opportunity to fight Canelo himself. Check out some of what he had to say below.

BoMac on Canelo vs Munguia

“Canelo gonna stop him. I say in 10. It’s a decent fight but Munguia ain’t ready for that level yet, he ain’t been on that level yet.”

On reports of Crawford considering a fight with Chris Eubank Jr

“Fake news.”

On how he thinks Crawford matches up against Canelo

“Bud beat his ass, out-box his ass. (Weight) don’t matter, Bud been fighting big people all day, all his fuckin’ life.”

On how dominant Crawford would look against Canelo

“It’d be a Errol vs Crawford 2.”

On Canelo saying there’s nothing for him to gain by fighting Crawford

“I respect that. I respect that because, you know what I’m saying, if you get beat by the smaller man, now you look like an asshole.

“Hard boxing fans know that Bud can beat Canelo. He might be bigger, but he don’t got the height, he don’t got the reach. I mean, he got a good boxing IQ but he don’t have that crazy IQ that Terence has.”

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