Eddie Hearn may not have gotten any traction for Conor Benn on a fight with Gervonta Davis, but just may have something else up his sleeve. | Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

Despite what Eddie Hearn deemed a ‘powerful offer’, Gervonta Davis expressed no interest in negotiating a fight with Conor Benn.

Matchroom promoter Eddie Hearn spent some time talking with iFL TV about a number of topics, including not making any headway with Gervonta Davis on a proposal to fight Conor Benn. While that might be a bummer for Hearn & Co, he does say he’s received interest in another big fight for Benn that will largely depend on an impending ruling from the British Boxing Board of Control following Benn’s recent hearing with the commission.

Also, Hearn touches on the upcoming heavyweight matchup between Anthony Joshua and Francis Ngannou, explaining how this is a must-win situation for his prized heavyweight.

Hearn on Gervonta Davis turning down his offer to face Conor Benn

“We made him an offer, which he felt he didn’t want to discuss further…It was over the $10 [million guaranteed] but it also had PPV bonuses beyond that, gate bonuses beyond that. So it could’ve been $20M, could’ve been $25M. But he didn’t really want to discuss it.

“I made him an offer that I felt was an offer that was quite powerful for the fight and could also lead to a lot more than that beyond the basic but, you know…I think he probably don’t really understand the dynamic of the deal, the numbers. I might go back.

“I mean, to be honest with you regarding Conor Benn, he’s had his hearing now and we’ll get the results of that in the next couple of weeks. Hopefully all being positive, there was a situation that came up yesterday with a potential fight which I’m not going to go into but it would be a massive opportunity for Conor.”

On his level of nervousness for the Anthony Joshua vs Francis Ngannou fight

“I’m always nervous about every AJ fight, especially that one because it’s just the unknown, isn’t it? I mean we know more than we did, and what we got to see was a lot better than what I thought, which was a very capable boxer who is very strong, hits very hard, and has no fear. But you’re fighting a guy who’s 0-1 which brings more pressure into it. So it’s a must-win for AJ.”

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