Eddie Hearn and Henry Garcia got into a bit, but it didn’t last

Eddie Hearn and Henry Garcia got into a bit, but it didn’t last.

Eddie Hearn and Ryan Garcia’s father Henry got into a bit of an altercation backstage after Ryan’s win over Devin Haney, whom Hearn was promoting in the event, but the anger didn’t last.

Hearn was doing an interview, at a point where he was saying “big respect to Ryan Garcia, he was amazing,” when Henry walked past. Hearn turned his attention to Henry and offered congratulations.

“You’re a piece of shit,” Henry said, to which Hearn replied, “Oh, really? Fuck you!”

The two traded words on that level for a moment.

“Fuck you, you know you’re a piece of shit,” the elder Garcia said. “And that’s what you get! Now what are you gonna say? Luke Campbell and fuckin’ Devin Haney, fuck you!”

Garcia then grabbed his crotch as Hearn chuckled, and asked the promoter, “Now who you got?”

Hearn quickly replied, “Jaron Ennis,” the welterweight titleholder recently signed to Matchroom Boxing. Ryan Garcia did say post-fight that he plans to move to welterweight officially.

Henry then stopped in his tracks and began to approach Hearn with a softer stance, and offered, “How about Pitbull?” referring, of course, to Isaac “Pitbull” Cruz, who fights for Premier Boxing Champions, not Matchroom, and is really a 135 lb fighter who just won a belt at 140, beating Rolly Romero.

Hearn and Henry then shook hands and relaxed a bit, apologizing to one another and offering their respect.

All in all, it really is just a funny moment, with emotions flying all over the place, a man defending his son in a moment he felt they’d been disrespected, only for the mere mention of Jaron “Boots” Ennis to calm the fire.

Jaron Ennis is peace. He is love.

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