Promoter Eddie Hearn says he believes a rematch between his fighter Devin Haney and Ryan Garcia will happen despite Kingry’s head on a platter for two positive PED tests. If Ryan can iron out his PED scandal, a mountain of cash can be made for Haney.

The Last Hurrah: Haney’s Final Payday?

Hearn is whistling a different tune now, going from wanting a lifetime ban for Ryan for PEDs to now almost begging for a rematch between Garcia and the beaten-up Haney, who is damaged goods. This might be the last chance for one big score.

Haney doesn’t have the talent to last much longer at 140, and Hearn must put him back in with the biggest payday possible before it’s too late before his career goes down in flames. Haney’s chin is made of glass, and he doesn’t have the power to hurt a fly.

Hearn wants that fight to happen despite Haney (31-1, 15 KOs) being trounced, and Ryan (25-1, 20 KOs) coming in dirty in two drug tests for PEDs.

The British promoter Hearn is on record saying that he wants a lifetime ban of Ryan Garcia if he’s shown to have intentionally used PEDs for his fight with WBC light welterweight champion Haney.

Hearn obviously knows Ryan is the biggest payday out there for Haney, and he’d be crazy not to want to fight him again.

Haney: Fool’s Gold

With Haney’s lack of power and poor punch resistance, his career as a major player is going to be effectively over real soon.

It might even end in his next fight against his WBC mandatory Sandor Martin. Hearn should be pushing hard for the rematch with Ryan because Haney doesn’t have the talent to exist long at 140 without taking loss after loss. Hearn has no choice but to push for the Haney-Garcia fight before Devin is exposed to be fool’s gold.

“Imagine you’re Devin Haney. You had to fight this guy [Ryan Garcia] that is a lot heavier than him, and now you found that out as well,” said promoter Eddie Hearn to Fight Hub TV about Devin Haney’s fight against a heavier Ryan Garcia, who tested positive for PEDs last April.

“Time is a good healer. The rematch is going to be huge. I believe the rematch will happen at some point, but we’ll wait and see,” said Hearn about his belief that there will be a rematch between Haney and Ryan Garcia.

Respect the Hustle

You got to respect Hearn for taking Haney this far with his limited talent, and careful match-making. He’s not going to last much longer if Hearn doesn’t keep him away from punchers, which basically means he cannot let Haney fight the vast majority of the top ten in the light welterweight division.

“That’s been ordered by the WBC. It’s a good fight for Devin. It’s not an easy fight,” Hearn said about the WBC ordering Haney to defend against his mandatory Sandor Martin next.

“Ryan walked up to me and said, ‘Let’s quash the beef,’ and I was like, ‘I keep saying on your behalf that I hope that you’re innocent, but you still failed two drug tests. Don’t say it’s my fault because that’s ridiculous.’

“‘No, no, I’ve been set up. Well, you haven’t certainly not by me.’ I think a lot of what he does is to create noise and hype, and he does a great job of it,” said Hearn about Ryan Garcia.

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