Josh Taylor says he believes Ryan Garcia quit against Gervonta Davis. | Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

Josh Taylor shares his thoughts on a few upcoming fights.

Josh Taylor spent some time fielding media questions on a number of topics, including giving his take on an upcoming fight between Devin Haney and Ryan Garcia and others. Taylor, who credits Garcia’s speed, also seriously questions his heart to beat Haney. Here’s some of what he had to say below.

Taylor on how he views the Devin Haney vs Ryan Garcia matchup

“It’s a great fight with two great fighters. It’s a great matchup. I think Ryan Garcia’s speed is good — he’s got good speed and he’s good with his left hook and things like that. But in terms of his boxing ability and his ring generalship, I think that’s on Devin Haney’s side. He’s the much more complete fighter, the much more well-rounded fighter. So i would say on boxing brain and the skills, I would say it’s on Devin Haney’s side.

“I’ve seen a couple of things from Ryan Garcia. I don’t really know if he’s got the heart. I just think that he’s probably likely that he can quit. i think he quit against Gervonta Davis. I think he swallowed it and took the knee and decided not to get up. I think he quit there.”

On if he’s be interested in fighting Gervonta Davis

“You never say never in this fight game. It’s like if it makes business sense and it’s a big fight and he wants to come up to 140, absolutely. You know, we were talking a few years back about potentially fighting down the line so, yeah, absolutely…”

On Rolando Romero vs Isaac Cruz

“I don’t really know. I’ve not saw Cruz fight an awful lot and I don’t think Rolly Romero is the greatest of boxers…it’s not two guys that I’ve really kept my eyes on to be honest.”

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