Richard Riakporhe believes his power will be plenty sufficient to deal with Chris Billam-Smith. | Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Richard Riakporhe scored a win over Chris Billam-Smith in 2019, and looks to double the count in a coming fight.

With all signs pointing to a rematch between Richard Riakporhe and Chris Billam-Smith, both fighters have been talking about their expectations of an impending rematch. Riakporhe took a split decision win over Billam-Smith back in 2019 and feels even more confident now having a world title on the line this time around.

Riakporhe says he’ll prove on the night that he’s a level above Billam-Smith, and tells Sky Sports that the power he packs will be plenty sufficient to take care of him again.

“I do believe that power is enough to deal with Chris Billam-Smith. My power in particular is enough to deal with him. No matter whether he’s winning rounds or not. I just need to land the correct shot and he’s gone.”

Riakporhe continues by saying he believes Billam-Smith has made a grave mistake in looking for a rematch with him, and expects a rematch to be one that will haunt Billam-Smith for years to come.

“I’m going for the KO, that’s all I want to do. Chris Billam-Smith has made a big mistake. He’s going to be looking back 20 years from now, regretting taking this fight and I’m going to still be visiting him in his dreams like Freddy Krueger.”

To that end Riakporhe says he’s planning on stopping Billam-Smith in one round, saying he’s now leveled up and that will prove itself out once the pair meet inside the ropes again. For now there’s no firm date on the rematch, but given the way both fighters are talking about it, it appears to soon be on the horizon.

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