Fabio Wardley had to dig deep but couldn’t quite muster a win against Frazer Clarke. | Photo by James Chance/Getty Images

Fabio Wardley believes there are opportunities out there for him, but is happy to rematch Frazer Clarke.

Fabio Wardley fought Frazer Clarke to a grueling draw back in March but says he’s still willing to revisit a rematch as both sides continue to negotiate terms. And while Wardley says he’s open to the sequel, he’s not especially tied to the rematch as he believes he has other good options out there as a still-undefeated fighter.

Even if there was some mutual respect before their meeting, there certainly was much more afterwards considering the way the fight went, with neither fighter getting the satisfaction of an official win. That probably wasn’t the easiest pill to swallow for Wardley who tells Sky Sports that he knows that matchup took a physical toll on him.

“I left a piece of my soul in The O2 that night,” Wardley reflected. “I really do [think that].

“I left at least a pint of blood in there or something as well because it was a messy affair. I left a bit of me in there that night. So The O2, that occasion will forever hold a massive part of me.”

Even in light of that, Wardley is aware that his name may continue to be attached to Clarke’s which gives a potential rematch even more meaning, particularly given their respective fan bases.

Closely contested rivalries are something that can transcend any fighter’s career, and Wardley says they are exactly the kind of moments he lives for. For now we’ll have to see whether or not the pair and strike a deal on a second dose.

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