Cody Crowley says he had other routes to take, but wanted the direct path to the best fighter at 147. | Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

Cody Crowley says he’s long wanted to fight Jaron Ennis but business issues stood in the way until now.

During the opening press conference for Jaron Ennis vs Cody Crowley that will take place in Philadelphia, both fighters appeared on stage to discuss the upcoming event. A lot of the opening press conference ended up being some goading and responding between the two trainers, which led into a question about why Crowley took so long to accept the fight against Ennis. Crowley was happy to explain.

“I’ve been out of boxing for the last year after people on my team done stuff. So I been totally out,” Crowley said. “Then I had people trying to negotiate on my behalf while I been out. Then I tried to get back into boxing and then I have emergency double eye surgery.”

That comment drew boos from those in attendance which Crowley found to be an insensitive response.

“So I got my eyes taken from me…I just said I got my eyes taken from me and I’m still getting booed?’ Crowley continued. “Aye, we don’t have to have a show July 13th. It takes two to tango and I’m very, very excited to fight ‘Boots’ Ennis. I’ve wanted to fight ‘Boots’ Ennis for a while.

“So I wasn’t in fighting. I’ve been dealing with a lot of mental health, I haven’t wanted to live the last couple years.”

That comment drew more boos from the crowd which further agitated Crowley, who was trying to be transparent about his personal problems.

“Okay, so I just keep getting laughed at,” Crowley said. “Then my dad hung himself. So just like everyone else in this room, when you have things happen to you, it takes time to get over it. It takes time to heal yourself and come back and step up.

“So I went and did what I had to do and heal myself and then I had people, management that weren’t on my team negotiating for me…I want to fight for a world title, and if I fight for a world title there’s one, two, three, four, I don’t know, five world titles. I want to fight the very best fighter in the world, and I believe Jaron Ennis at 147 right now, you are that guy. So why do I want to fight anyone else?

“I respect you. Jaron, I love you. I hope you have the best sleep Friday night, because Saturday I want the best you to show up because I want to be there, because the best me is going to show up.”

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