Tim Tszyu says he should be fighting Brian Mendoza for the vacant WBC title. | Photo by Louis Grasse/Getty Images

Tim Tszyu will put his belt on the line in an attempt to grab another one when he faces Sebastian Fundora this weekend.

Tim Tszyu will attempt to unify 154 lb titles this weekend when he puts his WBO world title on the line in a matchup against Sebastian Fundora, which will also have the vacant WBC world title on the line as well. With former unified welterweight champion Errol Spence indicating his interest in the winner, Tszyu shares his response to that and other topics.

On Errol Spence saying he wants the winner between Fundora and himself

“Finally he’s woken up. Oh look, I’m ready to be taken on. I’d love that fight with open arms, I’ve been calling him out for a long time.”

On Rolly vs Pitbull

“I think it’ll be interesting, man. I don’t think Pitbull can get knocked out. I think he’s a tough, durable opponent and I think he brings the heat and he’ll bring some awkwardness. We’ll see how fit Rolly is.”

On Fundora seated with WBC belt in front of him during the press conference as if he has that title

“Well he just got knocked out. Yeah, like his last fight he just got knocked out. Me and Mendoza should’ve been fighting for the same belt, you know. So it is what it is, politics will be politics.”

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