Shakur Stevenson questions how Subriel Matias could handle a style like his. | Photo by Steve Marcus/Getty Images

Shakur Stevenson talks about support from Puerto Rican fans and his interest in facing one of its rising stars.

Newly unretired Shakur Stevenson spent time on a recent podcast to talk about a number of subjects including promoting his Puerto Rican heritage and where his interest is in facing Puerto Rican slugger Subriel Matias, who’s been looking for a big fight. Here’s some of what he had to say below.

Stevenson on how he feels about support he receives from the Puerto Rican fans

“I love the fans that take me in and they put it out there and say they support me and rock with me in that type of way. I don’t want to force it on nobody because at the end of the day, like I said, I didn’t know my father. I really didn’t know my father if we’re going to be real…I appreciate the ones that do accept me but I got to keep it real with them when I speak on it.”

On what he thinks of a potential fight against Subriel Matias

“I think that’s a hell of a fight right there. He another one that look like you got to kill him or he’s not going to stop coming. So the only thing is him dealing with a style like me, ‘cause you got to realize I’m not the normal average motherfucker that’s going to stand there for you to make them quit. So it could be an interesting fight. I’ve got nothing but respect and love for him. Hopefully that dude will get them big fights at 140…if it makes sense I’m down with it.”

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