Anthony Joshua is fresh off a swift knockout win over Francis Ngannou. | Photo by Eric Alonso/Getty Images

Anthony Joshua says he’s not dwelling on his most recent win as he look towards an even more meaningful showdown.

Now that Anthony Joshua has properly taken care of Francis Ngannou over the weekend, he’s looking back towards the top of the division with the belts held between Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk.

Both Fury and Usyk are scheduled for an undisputed heavyweight unification (and an eventual rematch), but Joshua let’s it be known that he’s open to taking on the last man standing between them.

“I feel like a win just moves me onto not dwelling in my sorrows to much because a loss isn’t nice for anyone. And then in terms of Usyk and Fury, it’s really up to them. I’m only a phone call away, even better, I’m only a tweet away. You can tweet me and we can make the deal, so it will happen.”

Joshua has fought Usyk twice already, coming up short both times, but there does appear to be lingering interesting in him fighting Fury — both of whom have circled one another for years now. So as far Fury goes, Joshua insists he’s prepared to fight him anytime and anywhere as he looks to deliver for boxing fans.

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