Blazing Japanese welterweight Jin Sasaki, the current holder of the WBO Asia Pacific title, aims to pick up the Oriental and Pacific Boxing Federation belt in a collision with Filipino ‘Jaw Breaker’ Joe Noynay.

Sasaki, currently 16-1-1 and former holder of the JBC Super Lightweight title, has flourished at welterweight, appearing much more comfortable in his welterweight career thus far. With a handful of WBO Asia Pacific defences under his belt, he has set his sights on the prestigious OPBF title, also being eyed up by tough operator Joe Noynay.

The Filipino fighter has been rather successful over his 23-3-2 career, boasting a win over Liam Wilson (13-3) and a draw against Kenichi Ogawa (28-2-1). His most successful run spanned from bantamweight to featherweight, with the move up to welterweight generating results at the national level with a Philippine Games & Amusements Board title to show for it.

On the massive Phoenix Battle 116th card, more belts at a continental level are being defended.

In the women’s minimumweight division, 6-1 Mayumi Nanako, the holder of the WBO Asia Pacific title, is set to fight 6-0-2 Marina Loreto, who herself is the owner of the Japan Boxing Commission Minimumweight title. Nanako’s sole loss came on her debut and, from there, has only excelled, earning her belt last time out. Loreto has also had a shining career thus far, with only draws halting her progress; with a few defences notched, now seems like a sensible time to take a step up the levels.

Finally, the Japanese Boxing Commission Youth Super Bantamweight belt is being defended by the 12-1 prospect from Osaka, Ryuya Tsugawa. The challenger, 6-2 Shodai Morita, has a relatively spotty record and this is his first significant step up; one that is definitely going to be an uphill battle against the more experienced Tsugawa.

So, with these competitions, the Korakuen Hall is sure to be ignited, come May 16th.

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