Tyson Fury’s father, John Fury, went off today, head-butting one of Oleksandr Usyk’s team during an incident leading up to Saturday’s undisputed heavyweight championship bout in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, broadcast live on DAZN.

The Old Man and the Headbutt

There were words exchanged between the two teams, resulting in the hulking 59-year-old John Fury walking to a smaller, much younger member of IBF/WBA/WBO heavyweight champion Usyk’s team and head-butting the guy. It was an out-of-the-blue type of thing, but man, John got the worst of it, bleeding from the forehead as he quickly scurried away. Usyk’s team member had a look on his face like, ‘What did I do?’ Just utterly pathetic on John’s part.

I’m just trying to figure out why John picked one of the smaller members of Usyk’s team rather than some of the bigger ones. It was like a bad reality show with John going theatrical but taking it to the limit, going overboard with his acting. It would be better if his 35-year-old son, Tyson Fury, was the one doing the selling of the fight.

It was a weird type of thing the way John Fury involved himself, as he’s not even involved. Fans on social media are saying John should be banned from this week’s press conference and weigh in to avoid any further altercations like we saw today.

A Bad Look for Boxing

It’s a bad look for John Fury to go rogue like this because he doesn’t help the sport to have some old guy, who has nothing to do with Saturday’s Fury-Usyk fight, involving himself.

This isn’t the first time John has involved himself. During Fury’s press conference for his last fight against Francis Ngannou, he took his shirt off and stood in front of the two during their face-off, blocking the media’s view with his corpulent physique.

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