DAZN has revealed the PPV price for UK subscribers for the Anthony Joshua vs. Francis Ngannou event next month on March 8th.

The UK fans are less than happy about the price, feeling upset at being asked to pay to watch the former two-time heavyweight champion Joshua (27-3, 24 KOs) take on a 0-1 novice, Ngannou.

Pricing Breakdown

  • New DAZN Subscribers: If you’re not currently subscribed to DAZN, you can purchase the PPV and a one-month subscription for £19.99.
  • Existing DAZN Subscribers: If you already have an active DAZN subscription, you’ll pay a slightly reduced PPV fee of £18.99.

The price point is similar to what UK fans are already paying for PPV events, but it’s still not one that people are excited bout. There’s no demand from fans to see Joshua fight Ngannou. That fight as seen as a money grab to take advantage of Ngannou’s MMA fans, who will want to see how he does against the ex-heavyweight champion Joshua.

There’s no word yet on the U.S. PPV price on DAZN for the Joshua vs. Ngannou event, but many boxing fans expect it to sell in the $75 range, which won’t fly well with Americans because they’re not high on AJ. Ngannou is still seen as just an MMA guy, taking up boxing to pick up some coin. He’s not taken seriously as a viable option in the division.

Negative Impact

Many fans on social media are already balking at the price, saying they will watch the event for free on a stream. That’s not a good signal for Matchroom and the Saudis, who thought the Joshua-Ngannou fight would intrigue the boxing world.

Obviously, it hasn’t. Some would argue that this type of fight should be for free because Joshua hasn’t beaten anyone good since his two losses to Oleksandr Usyk, and Ngannou is a novice coming off a loss.

It wouldn’t be a big deal if Joshua faced Zhilei Zhang and Ngannou fighting Joseph Parker. That would make more sense on the DAZN PPV card than the current setup, with the far more experienced Joshua taking on a fighter with just one fight under his belt, coming off a loss to Tyson Fury.

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