Mike Tyson gave YouTuber Jake Paul a scary warning today. He told him that his life will be on the line when they meet on July 20th in their professional match at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Jake Paul and former unified heavyweight champion Tyson (50-6, 44 KOs) met today for their kickoff press conference in New York to begin promoting their fight on Netflix PPV on July 20th.

Tyson’s Formidable Presence

For a fighter who hasn’t fought in 19 years since 2005, Mike Tyson looked youthful and in good physical condition, especially compared to a well-known heavyweight champion who is fighting this Saturday night.

Tyson will be turning 58 next month on June 30th, and some boxing fans believe he’s the one who has something to worry about going up against the 27-year-old Jake. Granted, Jake is a YouTuber turned boxer, but he has real power, albeit at the cruiserweight level.

If Tyson can still take a punch, Jake could be in trouble in this fight because he’s not fought anyone with the kind of speed and power that Mike has going for him. In the heavy bag workouts, Tyson looks very powerful and still incredibly fast, even by today’s standards.

He’s faster and more powerful than the two heavyweight champions who are fighting this weekend.

Tyson’s Ominous Prediction: ‘Fight Like Your Life Depends on It’

“He’s the up-and-coming guy on the scene, and I like to shake the world at its core,” said Mike Tyson during today’s press conference in New York for his fight against Jake Paul on July 20th.

“Mike wanted this to be a pro fight. He wants the war,” said Jake Paul. “I respect him for taking this fight and stepping up to try and put an end to me because that’s what all these fighters have been trying to do – to end the YouTuber. If Mike can do that, then he’s a hero.”

“I really like Jake, but once he’s in the ring, he has to fight like his life is dependent on it because it will be,” said Mike Tyson.

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