Floyd Mayweather questions Bill Haney about animosity between the two. | Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images

Bill Haney didn’t hold back when expressing his personal feelings about Floyd Mayweather.

Floyd Mayweather and Bill Haney are apparently not on the best of terms, as indicated by their heated online confrontation where the pair went back and forth with one another on a number of issues, with Haney largely calling out Mayweather for being a selfish individual who likes to talk shit but doesn’t put on for those around him.

It started with Floyd calling Bill to inquire about what his beef is with him.

“I’ve been reaching out to you to let you know I ain’t never had nothing against you. When did me and you go wrong, when did me and you start having beef?” Mayweather asked.

“I don’t know. How much do we have a beef because you seem real aggressive about it,” Haney replied. “I been knowing you for hella long but I feel like you a bullshit ass n—a. That’s how I feel like it, me, myself, personally…I feel like you a bullshit ass n—a based on your actions about everybody’s that’s been in the town that’s been down with you. They doing dirtball bad. Ain’t nobody doing real good fuckin’ with you.”

That would kick off a lengthy argument between the pair where they would dive into the difference in how they raise their children, Floyd hating on Devin Haney, and a past sparring session where Devin supposedly got the better of Floyd.

“You was talking about that sparring shit,” Haney said. “I seen you beat n—as up in sparring…and when my son got down on you…”

Floyd would immediately interject.

“Bill, if your son is undefeated in the gym, congratulations!” Mayweather responded. Congratulations that you got an undefeated fighter in the gym. I’m the under the lights type fighter.”

That would quickly devolve into another conversation about parenthood and the difference in how they raise their children, and who can really be proud to hold their head high about how they conduct themselves in life. This would all be capped off with Mayweather taking a parting shot at Bill for Devin’s loss last weekend.

“You need some help,” Mayweather asked.

“Have I ever needed your help for anything,” Haney responded.

“You needed some help the other motherfuckin’ night! You need some help with your son?” Mayweather shot back.

“Your son need help tonight, not the other night,” Haney replied. “Your son need help tonight, you fool ass earth man. Your son needs help tonight, your daughter needs help tonight.”

I’m assuming the Haney’s won’t be receiving an invite to Thanksgiving dinner this year.

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