Omari Jones might be a U.S. Olympian, but he is balancing his dreams with being a college student and a business owner at the same time. 

Jones qualified for the 2024 Paris Olympics as a super welterweight (71 kgs) on Team USA when he defeated Busto Arsizio at the 2024 Olympic Games World Qualifying Tournament in Busto Arsizio, Italy, on March 10. The 4-1 decision in his favor made him an Olympian.

Orlando, Florida’s Jones, 21, is currently enrolled in Valencia College majoring in business. The training and demands of Team USA have made his pursuit of a degree difficult, but he still has a focus on obtaining an A.A.

“I am going to get my associate [degree] first, it is kind of tough being on the road in high-stress situations, but I am doing the best I can right now,” Jones told BoxingScene. “I feel education was instilled in me since I was a child. My two brothers graduated from college, I always thought I am going to make something out of college, I am going to go to school for something, even if I don’t go to get a master’s [degree].”

Jones’ goals seem to be long-term. He is already a business owner launching, A Dollar and A Dream, a clothing line inspired by the lyrics from a song written by J. Cole. He heard the lyrics in one of his classes while at school and they became the inspiration for his clothing brand. 

“I was boxing full-time since the age of eight, I would get some allowance every now and then, but I was trying to make my own money,” expressed Jones of his clothing brand. “The teachers supported me. My gym supported me. Everybody bought shirts and that was my way of making a little bit of money while in school and boxing.”

He is nicknamed ‘Banger’ from his days when he converted from karate to boxing.

“The day I started boxing was actually a sparring day,” Jones explained. “They were like you are a natural and everyone had what they call power names back at my old dojo and they called me the banger.”

The name stuck. 

Jones is one of three brothers in the Jones family. With Carl Jr., 28, and Dmitri, 26, being his elder brothers, the youngest in the family is looking to leave his mark.

“I feel like I am in year 13 right now and everything that I have been through to get to this point shows,” explained Jones about his position in the sport. “It showed when I was in the Olympic qualifying match I wasn’t really familiar with. But, I had to adjust with blood streaming down both eyes, left eye blurry.”

When it comes to his future, however, Jones has always been clear-eyed.

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