Tim Tszyu has a new opponent for March 30, having to shift his training to prepare for a much taller opponent. | Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images

Tim Tsyzu will now face Sebastian Fundora on March 30 following an injury to Keith Thurman.

Following the recent news of Keith Thurman’s withdrawal from his upcoming fight against Tim Tszyu, media members hold a virtual round table with Tszyu to discuss his feelings on the matter and the fact that he’ll now be taking on Sebastian Fundora on short notice. Check out some of what he had to say below.

Tszyu on his reaction to Thurman pulling out of their fight so close to their fight date

“I think we’ve moved on. The show goes on, so I don’t want to talk about what’s the chapter behind. What we’re focusing on now is the next chapter.”

On facing Fundora on short notice, who’s dimensions are much different than Thurman

“It is what it is. There was no hesitation. It was just straightaway 10 second thing. Yes, it made me pissed off but the focus shifts and the show goes on. Simple.

“You’ve got to be able to take on all-comers. He’s tricky, he’s tall, but whatever. I’m confident in victory by any means anyway.”

On if there are any positives in this situation

“Of course. I’m fighting for the WBC and WBO belt at the same arena on the same platform.”

On finding sparring for Fundora

“We got some already. My manager and one of our assistant coaches here in Vegas sorted it out straightaway. We flew two boys in last night, so the boys arrived today, this morning, and I’ve got my last week of sparring. It’s a big shift, I understand, I’ve been preparing for Keith Thurman. But now it’s a shift, so it is what it is.”

On Terence Crawford being ordered as WBO mandatory challenger for the winner

“Yeah, beautiful. That’s every fighter’s dream, I guess, to be fighting on the biggest stage of them all. But now the dream is to unify so I’m happy that we’re fighting for both the WBO and WBC belt.”

On if Fundora is a riskier fight than Thurman

“To a certain extent it’s a more awkward fight but, I don’t know, maybe we’ll see on the night. Everyone’s got flaws and everyone’s got advantages and strengths and it’s all about exploiting them. So we’ll see on the night.”

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