Tyson Fury has been trying to get an edge on Oleksandr Usyk with his mind games, but Usyk says that won’t work. | Photo by Richard Pelham/Getty Images

Oleksandr Usyk meets Tyson Fury in Saudi Arabia with all four major world titles on the line.

Unified heavyweight champion Oleksandr Usyk looks to grab the last Infinity Stone to go undisputed against Tyson Fury this Saturday in Saudi Arabia, and today spoke to media members on a number of subjects surrounding the fight. Check out some excerpts of what Usyk had to say below.

Usyk on how much weight he puts into Fury’s performance against Ngannou

“For me it doesn’t matter because Tyson will be different with me.”

On what he thinks Fury does best in the ring and is most concerned about

“[Chuckles]. Nothing. Speak. Talk to speak.”

On if how Fury’s taunts of calling him a rabbit and a middleweight have affected him

“Listen, it’s true. I am not a heavyweight but maybe Tyson think different. Rabbit is good animal. For me, it doesn’t matter. It’s not work for me.”

On if he expect Fury to be a harder fight than Anthony Joshua

“I don’t think about now. Tyson, I don’t know. Maybe easy, maybe not. We’ll see. Listen, it’s different guy. Anthony Joshua is Anthony Joshua, Tyson Fury is different guy. We’ll see Saturday.”

On weighing 221 lbs in his last three fight and what he expects to weigh for this fight

“My weight will be the same. Maybe a little, little more.”

On if he would consider himself the greatest Ukrainian boxer ever with a win over Fury

“No, I will just be second time undisputed world champion.”

On what his favorite win over the course of his career

“I’m now don’t have. My biggest win is yet to come. It will happen when my soul is delivered to paradise.”

On how much longer he’ll continue his career

“Maybe for two, three years.”

On what motivates him to continue fighting

“My motivation, it’s my discipline. Because my children watch me, both…a lot of children watch me, what I do, my behavior. My motivation, it’s my family, it’s my fans. I really appreciate support from my fans and Ukrainian soliders. This is my motivation — people and my discipline.”

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