Chris Smith/Redneck Brawl

The wildest show in boxing is not afraid to go head to head with Canelo Alvarez

While the boxing world waits for official confirmation of who specifically Canelo Alvarez will fight to duck David Benavidez on May 4th, at least one promotion has stepped up to give the fans something to celebrate on Cinco de Mayo weekend.

Redneck Brawl 6 is official, and it’s coming to Huntington, West Va., on Saturday, May 4.

If you’re not familiar with the unique charms of a Redneck Brawl, check out our live coverage of their last show earlier this month. The official Redneck Brawl website describes the show as:

Redneck amateur fighters, most stepping into the ring for the first time, swinging wild punches and slugging it out in fast paced 3 one-minute round fights using 16 oz. gloves and no headgear.

If anything, that “swinging wild punches and slugging it out” is dramatically underselling the action. The last edition featured a live, rambunctious crowd of 6,000-plus watching a guy fighting with his probation officer’s permission while wearing an ankle monitor, a pregnant ring card girl, a pair of cousins fighting because one used to bully the other by holding him down and farting in his face, at least four fights and/or arrests in the audience, a Royal Rumble-style flip over the top rope by a pair of fighters who were more than a combined 13 ft tall, and arguably the most fun and innovative commentary team in the history of televised combat sports.

It’s probably not a PPV to buy if the kids will be in the room with you, unless you’re very comfortable with them hearing the word “motherf—er” thrown around with the frequency of the three basic articles of speech, but if all your rowdy friends aren’t busy, invite them over. At the very least, I can’t remember ever having spent a more satisfying twenty-something dollars on a boxing show.

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