Ryan Garcia, now retired, has received a one-year ban by the New York State Athletic Commission (NYSAC) today for his positive tests for a banned substance.

Devin Haney’s Undefeated Record Restored

As part of the settlement, the NYSAC has restored Devin Haney’s unbeaten record to 31-0 from his loss to Ryan on April 20th in Brooklyn, New York. The fight has been ruled a no contest.

Fans on social media are slamming Haney over his unbeaten record being restored, as they see it as weak and feel that he should own his loss and reject the New York Commission artificially restoring his record to its previous unbeaten state before Ryan beat him.

Interestingly, Haney now says he’s taking a year off from boxing, and when he does return, he won’t fight any particular weight class. He’ll fight at any weight he chooses.

“I’ll be back in one year. I had all the belts already. From now on, I’m fighting at whatever weight I choose. [I’m] no longer fighting in weight classes,” said Haney.

Haney Criticizes Golden Boy’s Financial Gain

Devin was critical of Golden Boy Promotions, the promoters for Ryan Garcia, getting back the $1.1M guaranteed contract purse for their fight on April 20th. Haney feels that Golden Boy shouldn’t benefit from this, as they weren’t the ones inside the ring.

Devin wants the $1.1 million to be split between him, the New York Commission, and VADA.

“I don’t understand how Golden Boy is getting any money as if they took any punches,” said Haney. “They haven’t even spoken out about this PED situation. Oscar De La Hoya ain’t even paid me all my money, and they’re about to give him another $1.1million. Me, VADA, and the commission should all be splitting that money.”

Haney should be happy that he got the opportunity to fight Ryan in the first place because that was the biggest purse of his career.

If not for Ryan, Haney would be plugging away, defending his WBC light welterweight title for smaller paydays against Sandor Martin and other obscure fighters that financially bring nothing to the table.

Garcia’s Team Statement

“The fans will always remember his performance against Devin Haney as a masterclass, and that will never be erased.”

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