Ryan Garcia is calling out Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis for a rematch at a 144-lb catchweight at welterweight if he gets past his next opponent, Frank Martin, in June.

Revisiting the Unfair Advantage

Last year, Tank Davis (29-0, 27 KOs) defeated Ryan (25-1, 20 KOs) with the aid of strength-draining weight stipulations, consisting of a 136-lb catchweight and a fight-day 10-lb rehydration clause to ensure that he Kingry was properly weakened.

The weight manipulation tactics that Tank used against Ryan were believed to be used to sap his strength to guarantee a victory.

Unfortunately, the chances of Tank Davis agreeing to a rematch against Ryan Garcia are zero without him agreeing to a similar catchweight and rehydration clause as last time. I don’t see Tank agreeing to fight Ryan without the same weight-class tricks as last time. He just doesn’t have the backbone to fight the blazing-fast, powerful Ryan without a handicap.

Tank, 29, will definitely NOT say yes to moving up to 144 for a catchweight fight against Ryan, even though it would likely be the biggest payday of his career. It’s believed by some that Tank Davis’ haul for his fight last year against Ryan was in the neighborhood of $30 million.

Tank’s Career is Going Nowhere

A rematch at 144 would likely see Tank Davis get far more than the $30M, but it would require courage and a willingness to agree to Ryan’s catchweight offer. If not, Tank will be stuck where he is now, fighting lesser opposition for smaller paydays, swerving the best.

This means Tank will be destined to fight nobodies for the remainder of his career and will be ignored by mainstream fans. He’ll be popular with ultra-hardcore fans who are willing to watch his safe fights against no-name opposition for chump change.

Gervonta fights only once a year and is wasting his potential by choosing to compete so rarely. At this rate, Tank will only have three or four more fights before he’s washed up, and his career as a top money-maker will be gone.

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