Ryan Garcia reacted in shock and amusement today at learning that Devin Haney’s attorney has sent a letter to the New York Athletic Commission to have his loss to him overturned from April 20th and changed to a victory, and given a loss.

“You can’t make this up”

“You can’t make this up. Haney wins. Nah what, bruh?” said Ryan Garcia on X, reacting to the news that Devin Haney’s attorney has written to the New York Commission, looking to have him made the loser of his fight last April.

Devin’s Justification for the Overturn

Haney’s attorney, reported by Boxingscene, wants the loss to be overturned and changed to a victory for these reasons:

– Ryan coming in overweight at weigh-in
– Positive PED test
– Prohibited IV use

Questionable Tactics and Fan Backlash

Ryan reportedly gave Haney $1.5 million for coming in overweight. Is Haney going to give that money back? Including that as part of the reason for trying to overturn the loss looks bad on Haney’s part.

It’s unclear whether the IV video is what Haney’s attorney is including. How do you prove that Ryan isn’t doing more of his antics? Even if he did have a video of him being connected to an IV, is it real or more game-playing?

Fans would tolerate a no-contest for the fight if Ryan’s B-sample tests positive for the banned PED Ostarine on May 22nd, but they won’t be able to accept Ryan being given a loss and Devin the victory. That’s NOT how you win a fight, and it comes across to fans on social media as a really weak move.

Haney seems to have misjudged how fans will perceive it. Instead of rallying around him to give him support, they’re trashing him becaue they can’t relate to how he’s trying to hypothetically give himself a win, erase his loss, and give Ryan the defeat in a fight where he was completely dominated.

Weight Advantage and Misplaced Focus

On social media today, fans are laughing at Haney (31-1, 15 KOs), labeling him a “crybaby” and a “sore loser.”

Haney making a big deal about Ryan’s weight is kind of rich, given that he reportedly rehydrated to 165 lbs for his fight against WBC light welterweight champion Regis Prograis last December and looked bigger than him.

If Ryan had a size advantage over Haney for this fight, would about the size advantage Devin had for his fights against Prograis and Vasily Lomachenko? Those guys didn’t make a big deal about being outsized by Haney.

The reason Haney lost to Ryan Garcia wasn’t the weight. It was that he was getting caught with left hooks all night, trying to fight aggressively, and lacking the chin and defensive skills to win against the more powerful and faster fighter.

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