Superstar Ryan Garcia officially retired from the sport a day before the New York State Athletic Commission meets this Friday to decide his case for his positive PED test for Ostarine.

Is Garcia’s Retirement Permanent?

It’s unclear if Ryan (25-1, 20 KOs) is serious about his retirement, as this could be just a reaction to the stuff he’s dealing with with commission and other things. He has too much talent to stay retired for any time, especially with all the money he can make in mega-fights against the top fighters. Many see this as a short-term retirement by Ryan.

Devin Haney’s dad, Bill Haney, came out of the woodwork to express his reaction to Ryan Garcia’s retirement. Surprisingly, instead of being happy about it, Bill seemed bitter, complaining about Ryan not wanting to “stand up for his fate.”

Could Bill Haney be angry because his son, Devin, won’t get that second giant mega-million payday in a rematch with Ryan Garcia? The retirement throws a wrench into Devin’s plans for that second fight.

Haney’s career looks bleak, and his market value is already evaporating. $1.5 million for a fight against Sandor Martin. Wow!

Without Ryan, Haney’s career is on thin ice, and it’ll be over soon. Bill wants the loss removed from Devin’s record by the commission, but it ain’t going to take it away in the real sense with the fans. Moreover, Haney will still be in just as bad shape when he gets in with a fighter with power and skills. He can’t avoid those types of fighters because those are the only ones he can make any money fighting.

Bill Haney’s Unexpected Resentment

“Ryan Garcia is talking about he’s retired, and he’s not going to stand up for his fate in 48 hours,” said Bill Haney on social media. “Everybody has been protecting him. We seen him go to a couple of channels that support him.

“We see them celebrate a guy on drugs in the ring, but you’re running out of time. In 48 hours, your boy, Ryan Garcia, will be suspended. You networks, promoters and everybody that has been trying to protect him. You’re going to go down with the ship,” said a bitter-sounding Bill Haney.

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